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Woot, Trojans won! Which means that we'll be rooting for Missouri (sorry, [ profile] fritzsmomma!), and hoping for a BCS upset.

Wow... Beth, Danny and Kayden showed up way later than I anticipated. And Trina was later still. So now I'm left with a ton of food (I don't even know how the drumsticks turned out, because we ate so late with the rest of the stuff ((soup turned out great, as did the nachos)), and I'm about to head to bed). At least I won't have to worry about cooking any time soon? The brownies turned out good, too, so I'm glad for that.
We watched the game for a while, but everyone wanted to play Rockstar, so we switched to that instead. My voice is kinda scratchy right now lol. I was designated to the mic, though Danny and Beth both had a go, too. I did drums for a bit, as well. Apparently though, no one understands how I'm able to do as well on drums and singing lol. Which is very funny to me, because I don't feel I do well at all! Ah well.
Kayden hadn't had a nap yet, so they ended up leaving early (about an hour ago). Trina stayed long enough to get a brownie lol.

As I said, I'm about to head to bed, after I check LJ and e-mail and stuff. Hopefully I can sleep! I've been having headache issues off and on all day, which sucks, but at least it didn't become a migraine. I'm hoping it won't, either! I'm exhausted though..... I got all the dishes done (for all of the 2  hours that that lasted for -_-), the laundry taken care of and the last of the trash out the door. I've been a very busy beaver these last few days! Tomorrow, I intend on doing... nothing. Knit maybe, go online probably. But aside from that, nada! I've earned a rest lol.

I think Dustin had a good day. I asked him and he smiled and said it was ok, but he still doesn't like birthdays lol (coming from him, that means he had a good time).

Oh, minor addendum to the plans for tomorrow. Danny and Beth said they might come over again and play Wii. But that's fun stuff, so that's ok ^_~
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