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I tried to Snope this, but couldn't find anything on it. If you can, please let me know.

If, however, this is true, then please do what you can to get the word out and. Get. This. Changed.

It has come to my attention that under a 1979 North Carolina Supreme Court ruling, someone who begins to have sex can at no time during intercourse make the decision to stop. Even physically restraining the non-consenting partner, causing injuries, does not qualify the act as rape.

In effect, this decision legalizes rape.

This egregious violation of human rights and bodily integrity must be ended immediately. Rape survivors already face major obstacles to prosecuting their rapists, but to dismiss cases by saying that under law a woman has no right to withdraw consent creates a new level of injustice.

The victim’s father in the case that brought this ruling to light has been in contact with you, not to ask that his daughter’s case be reopened, but simply to make certain that, in the future, no other women will have to go through having their rape called consensual sex under this court precedent.

Please introduce legislation clarifying that rape occurs in any situation in which penetration/intercourse occurs without consent, whether or not there was initial consent to any act.

Please click to petition and sign. Re-blog also, please. I can’t even.

I have Tumblr followers who live in North Carolina. I know who you are and to an extent where you live (in which state you live, that is).

Ugh…why does my beloved NC have to be so ass-backwards sometimes? 

Sign, reblog. 


I don't have Tumblr myself, and don't know how to use that site, which is why I posted the link, too. Please go from there, rather than my LJ.


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