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Hey all you college fairing folks. I just read about this in the [ profile] poor_skills community. Thought it might be something for you to look into. I know books can get really spendy, so hey....
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I got to meet Stephanie tonight! I came bearing beer. If you go to her blog and scroll a bit, you can read about her love for good beer (hey, she's Canadian!), and how, in one place she couldn't get anything but something pretending to be beer. So I went and got her some Ruby Red from McMinnamin's. I hope she likes it. When I gave it to her before she spoke, her eyes lit up "I don't even need to know what this is, it's beer shaped!".
I'm soooooooo glad I went tonight, even if it was "past my bedtime". It was so worth it. She's incredibly funny, and despite what her children apparently keep telling her, very cool. I kinda wish I had more time to spend with her, but I'm happy with what I got. She's a very sweet lady, and oh my God, can that girl knit! And I got to touch the Icarus shawl she just made....drool worthy, simply drool worthy. The color, the pattern, the yarn itself, just drool worthy.
There were a lot of knitters there, not sure how many, but the place was pretty filled. However, I didn't recognize a single soul. Made me a bit sad, but I got over it pretty quick once Stephanie started talking, because I was too busy laughing. To everyone who didn't make it out, you missed out. Totally!
Oh, and I ended up getting one of her books "At Knits End", and she signed it for me. Even spelled my name right, which makes me happy. I could get used to going to things like this. It was a lot of fun! And if her books are anything like her blog and her speaking engagements....count me in! I want to read every one of them!
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*chuckles* I know some of you balk at the thought of Rowling/Harry Potter being heralded for getting kids to read (personally, I think she definately helps, what with DVDs and stuff out there nowadays, but that's my opinion). But you gotta admit, that thanks to Rowling/Harry Potter, people have gotten into knitting. Big time! I just read yet another post on one of the Harry Potter knitting communities I'm on (yeah, I'm in a lot of communities, so what? ^_~), about someone who learned to knit because they wanted a House scarf. If you look back through the archives, you'd find a veritable ton of people who learned to knit, just so they could make themselves a scarf. Many of them have since gotten hooked (pardon the pun, since it's not just knitting, but crochet in some cases as well) on it since. It's kind of cool, really, if you think about it. A few books and a few movies, and knitting is hip and on the charts again. A whole new generation is learning a skill that was previously considered "uncool" (I remember back when I was in school, it was frowned upon. The only girl who was cool for knitting, was someone who made all her own clothes and made them so well, they looked like a designer had thought them up and made them. I mean, she was good! I used to be so jealous of her skills). Not only is it cool, but it's fast becoming a sought after skill (maybe not on a jobmarket, but certainly by various people).
Isn't it interesting how things like that work? What other books/movies/people have inspired such changes as far as skills/crafts go? Anyone? Bueller? (Why do I even use that term? I've never even watched the least, not more then a few minutes of it....)
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Can someone please explain to me the concept of banning books? I mean...Sherlock Holmes is on the banned book list? WTF? Little House on the Prairie? Clan of the Cavebear? Even books that were on my required list back when I was in High School, like Moll Flanders, The Color Purple.... I mean..come on!
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Oh my gosh! Elisabeth Lavold has two new books out. They're to drool over!


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