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Gotta share teh cute!

teh cute

(courtesy of @americnxidiot)
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I just saw this on [ profile] kittypix and thought it worth sharing

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Everyone, please... enough with the office gossip, really ^_~

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Oh my gosh, hilarious! Watch, and put up the sound lol

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Oh my gosh, you've got to watch this... poor thing! Of course, I say that and can't stop laughing at the same time lol

Check these out! [ profile] rhiannontherose, might be something for you? Or for you, [ profile] brightshadowsky.
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Awwww...go watch video!  Don't forget to put up your sound
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goooood niiiight. Too cute, this one ^_^
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I swear, they're running races up on the roof! Poor Pippin's in hiding in the cubbord again. I'd just closed it as the noise had stopped for a while and I had to make lunch, so I didn't want to bump into the open door. Then they started up again, and Pippin scurries over to the cubbord door (always the same one!), gives me this look that plainly says "Mommy! You closed the door, now I can't get inside quick, why!" , as he stands on his hindlegs and opens the door to the cubbord. Then he hops in and isn't seen for a while. Silly kitty.
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lol!!!! I just played this video and both cats went a bit nuts. They came up to my screen, walked around it, over it, looked behind it, under it, at it. Totally confused. They couldn't figure out where the mad cat was at. *chuckles* That was almost as funny to watch as the actual video ^_^
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I wish I knew Japanese! But just looking at this video is funny. Go on, look. And be amazed ^_^
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*chuckles* We got the cats a new toy this morning. I caught them on video, so go check them out. Fore warned, the images are dark, but there's nothing I can do about that, sorry.
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Woot! I just made my first video of the cats! We got them a new scratcher for their nails, one of those with catnip in them, and I taped them. No sound or anything, and it's not right side up (I forgot you can just tilt like you can with pictures), but it's there lol. Go check it out here ^_^
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Pippin has this thing the last two days, where he plays with the scratching pole. Big deal, you say? Well, it is, if the way he's playing means he lifts the darned thing and crawls underneath it *blinks*.  He'll also move it across the floor for no apparent reason. Silly cat!

Also, new icon ^_^
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My first kitty, Poekie
Rawr! )
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Well, here's some more kitty cuteness )


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