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So I've been crafting my booty off this last week. I made several neckwarmers for one swap, a dreamcatcher for another, am making pantas both for a swap and for the upcoming craftfair.... Need to make a pair of wristwarmers for a swap, and then there's a whole list of other stuff I need to do still. Oh, I made about a dozen or so stitchmarkers the other day, need to make more though. I also did a little bit of knitting on my socks. And on a Prayer Shawl. Need to make a few of those, too.
*sigh*  No rest for the wicked, huh ^_~. I do have pictures of some of the stuff I've made so far, but I won't be posting them. Yet. I want to get done what needs to get done first, so I don't have to stress too much. Once things settle down a bit, I'll take the time to upload all my photos and show it all off. ^_^
Ok, for now though..naptime! Have to be up in 2 hours, ungh....
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I've been working on something for one of the swaps all day today. Well, all my waking time, pretty much. I've had a bad headache all day (well, one of those now it's bad, now it's dull, now it's bad again kinda thing). I've been dead tired as well. The "no sleep" thing is catching up on me hardcore. But still, I have to get this done. I actually did most of the sewing already. It's looking prtty good, especially for my firs time behind the sewing machine on my own. Though the fabric did pull a bit more then I would've liked. Dustin says it looks ok though. I've pinned down the thingamajigger I'm putting on it (sorry, too tired to think of the name of it right now) and begun sewing it to the fabric, I'd say I'm about 1/4 way done with that. Once it's on, all that needs doing is sewing the sides together and putting in the pillow.
None of which will happen right now. It's going to have to wait until tomorrow, which sucks. I was hoping to be able to send it out then, but it may have to wait until Friday, unless I can manage to finish it off afterall. We'll see. It's not really due for another week anyway, but I'd have liked to be able to ship everything out in one go. I am actually pretty pleased with everything I've done so far. Not just for this swap, but for the others as well, and for the craft fair. I've been a busy little girl these last few weeks. It's been very nice though, especially because this has made me work on things I normally push aside in order to knit the shawls. Felt good to stretch my horizons a bit again.
Right now though, I think I'd better try and sleep for a few hours (or however long my body'll let me sleep. That's always up for debate). Crafting shall continue in the morning again.
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Hmm..note to self:

Learn to knit hedgies (and other stuffies).
Learn to knit panta's.
Learn to sew. Period.
Learn to sew stuffies.
Learn to make useful bags.

Perpare for upcoming craft fair.
Finish knitting Treanna's scarf set.

Somehow manage to get more time in each day, and a body that won't bitch at me for doing what I want/need to do.
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Oh how typical. No sooner do I say yes to a craft booth at the fundraiser thingy, or my arm decides to take now as the time to act up again. In other words: no more knitting, or doing much of anything else *grumbles*. Well, at least Dustin has off the next two days (just working tonight) and plans on making jewelry. Should mean there's something to sell *sigh*. I hope I regain the proper use of my arm on time to make something myself, too.
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So the fair is now over and done with. I've sold some of my stuff, which was nice. And I'm left with a whole lot more then I bargained for, which isn't so nice. However. I've come away from the weekend with a whole new bunch of ideas for stuff I want to make. Either for myself, for friends and/or family, or even to sell. I've got so many ideas swirling in this little head of mine, it's almost dizzying. From what little feedback I got at the actual fair, it seems that people like scarves (and that I could actually market them higher then I did), and also that there might be a market for shawls, wraps and the like. I've been dying to try my hand at lace knitting, ever since the Knitpicks catalogue came in, so I'm thinking I might just try it next year, and see if it sells. If it doesn't, no harm done, because I want some for myself anyway, and I know Trina at least would appreciate a shawl as well, and use it.

Also, as weird as it was, since last year I also sold them, I was told by a customer that my winecharms were very nice, and worth way more then I was charging for them. I think I had them at $1.75 or something, because they just were not selling. [ profile] elfie_chan, they're similar to the ones you and Alex got last year, or the year before. So maybe I should up them in price again next year? I don't know. I had them at $5, I think, last year, and I didn't sell a single one. This year, at the lower price, I sold 2 sets *shrugs*. I don't know, I hate pricing!

Next year, we've also decided to market the fact that we can take custom orders for most anything we sell. We sort of did that on the second day this year, but not very well. I believe it can be done better. Also, I'm thinking we should have business cards (which we can make, no problem), readily available. Maybe even give them out with every purchase. A better order form will also be needed. Something to think about.
Something that seemed to work well this year, was the free candy cane with every purchase, though next year we'll make it with a minimum purchase required.

We also want to make more chocolates, as in different kinds. They didn't sell as well this year as they did last year, but they did sell steadily. And for some reason, I think they'll continue to do so in the future. We've also got a ton of ideas for those. I will need to get more nice bags though, as I finally ran out this year. No big deal. Aside from the chocolates though, I'm not sure we'll be doing a lot with candy again. The wreaths I made were admired, but no one bought one. A lot of work, not worth it if it doesn't sell. It's not like it's something I can gift away to anyone (well, except my sister in law, she loves them).

We're also going to be making more bookmarks, and different kinds. Trina suggested a bookmark that has several strands, so she can use it in her bible. I think she might be on to something, but to try it out, we'll make one for her for Christmas, and then see what the feedback is on it.

I also want to take more and better pictures of everything we make. I think it'll help us in the future.

The snowman signs did sell very well this year. I'm thinking of making more for next year, maybe even make them myself, instead of using a kit. I also have the Thanksgiving one still, that needs finishing. I think those will do well too. Weird thing is, the signs didn't do well the year before.

I don't think I'll be making the suncatchers again. They did sell out this year (though none sold last year), but only because the kids wanted to get the free candy cane. Not something that makes me want to make more.

I wonder if there is any way to set up for being able to take credit cards. There were a few people that asked if we took them or not, so might be worth looking into. I know we have Paypal and can do it through it, but we don't exactly have the capacity for that at the fair.

Next year I want to try and figure out better displays. I've already got a quiltrack (or will have, once I pick it up tomorrow. Yay Freecycle!), and am thinking that maybe a mannequin would be a good idea as well. Also, a few vendors had stuff on their table, kind of like arches, which looked nice. I'm thinking of copying the idea and decorating the arches so they look more Christmas-ey. Alternatively, I'm thinking of getting some mini Christmas trees, to better display the ornaments for sale. You couldn't see those really well this time. Hanging them up wout make them more noticable.

Something else I've noticed, again, is that we need something behind the tables as well. Something to better organize where we're at, and also to better enable Dustin to do his bead-work while at the fair. Not entirely sure how to manage that one, but there's a whole year to work on that. I will be bringing better chairs next time though, my back does not like sitting on the church folding chairs for hours at a time. Especially not two days in a row!

I also have a couple of ideas for ornaments to make for next year. Now that we have a sewing machine, that may actually happen. Also, I want to make some things that I used to make in Denmark. I should be able to remember how to do them, as long as I can get a hold of everything I need. Which shouldn't be too big of a problem, I don't think.

I can't think of anything else at the moment, but then I'm getting a bit tired. So for now I'll post this as is, and come back to it when I've got anything to add. Please feel free to comment with suggestions/ideas of any sort. Thanks ^_^
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Ok. I know I posted pics already in my regular LJ, but I wanted to try here and see if I could show them in my actual entry. So you get to see them again, if you're on my regular LJ too. Aren't you lucky? ^_~
There be pictures under here! )
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Yippie!! I have pictures!
First, some craft fair stuff, the necklaces are Dustin's and the rest is mine; then
2 new cat pics (yes, I know Arwen's pic is really dark) and
3 new family pics. Yes, that's my newest nephew and his mommy, cute huh ^_^.
And also 3 new area pics (we had a replica of the Vietnam Wall over for a visit. It was very impressive and ..not quite sure how to explain how I felt)

That was about it for now. Will have more pictures soon, promise! Just have to ge them from Dustin's phone, but it's almost out of battery lol. I know they're not the best quality pictures, but at least I can show stuff again. Huzzah for picture phones ^_^
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Getting ready, only a week left before the fair starts! I've been knitting the last 2 days (yeah, yeah, when am I not ^_~). I finished 2 potholders and started on a handtowel. Dusti's been busy making beaded necklaces. And they're beautiful! He's going to make earrings to match them, too. I can't wait to see when it's all finished. I can't show pics yet, but hopefully I will be able to share something soon *crosses fingers*. Still trying to work out what else to do for the fair. Not sure how productive we can be next week.
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Bah! I had wanted to start on a wreath while waiting for Dustin to get done with work. Only to find out that I don't have any rings I can use for them. I have to go to Wally World and buy some. Suckers! At least they're not expensive, but I really thought I still had a couple. Bah, I say.
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Eek! The craft fair is looming! It's only a week and a half away, and I haven't gotten anything done yet that I had planned to do. I did manage to make 1 potholder and start on a second one, but that's it for new stuff. Only reason I did this tonight was because it was too late to start going through stuff, and I felt like doing something, and my knitting box was next to me. *shrug* Seemed like the thing to do.
I can't believe I let this thing sneak up on me the way it has. I was so set to prep for it this year, and it just didn't end up happening.
I have got plans to make my candy wreaths though, provided I can remember how to do the knots I need to attach the candy to the rings. Aside from that, maybe a few more potholders and the jewelry Dustin's going to be making, I don't think I'll be adding much new stuff this year. I just don't have the time. Especially if you consider the fact that the day after the craft fair, I have to attend the ministry fair at church, for which there have to be sample shawls to show off the Prayer Shawl Ministry. At least I have a lady helping me with that one, so some of the pressure is off of me a bit. Still, a quiet weekend it won't be. I'm glad I'll have Tanja to help me out at the fair, since Dustin probably won't be able to help due to his schedule. I'll miss having him there though, last year was more fun with him there.
Ok, time for me to go run around like a crazed person *runs around in small circles*
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I'm loving the sock-knitting so far ^_^. Funny thing is, I was chatting with both my mom and her sister the other day, and I happened to mention to my aunt that I had learned to knit socks. Her response: "ewwwwww!!! I hate knitting socks, it's the worst!". When I told my mom about how my aunt had reacted, she laughed and said it was probably because of the nuns back when they were in school. Apparently, they made them knit socks and potholders. In a not too friendly fashion. My how times have changed, eh?
I am, however, starting to get a bit nervous. I'm a little less then an inch away from starting the heel, and I'm not sure I remember how [ profile] yarnpirate said to do it. *bites lip* I shall do my best, however, and go from there.
By the way, [ profile] yarnpirate, someone commented to my post on [ profile] knitting, she wanted to know what pattern I was using. Since you slightly altered the pattern you taught me to be easier to manage, I told her I'd ask you to post the pattern????? Is that possible?

I still don't know what I'll be doing for Christmas gifts this year. The plans I had made last Christmas so I'd be better prepared for this one kind of all fell through *sigh*. Of course, it doesn't help that I still can't go full spead ahead with crafting because of my arm. Though it's behaving pretty good so far, I don't want to overdo it. Yet ^_~.

I also still need to go through all the stuff I've already got and see what all I've got ready for the craft fair, and what I can feasably make for it. Dustin and I are both going to try make some jewelry, that is one thing I do know. As for the rest, not so sure yet. I had hoped to make some shawls, but not sure that can happen. Ahhh, so many things to do, so little time!


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