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Just found this on [ profile] craftgrrl. Check it out!

Ok, so the linking didn't work, so here's the actual site
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So I've been very busy the last many weeks, crafting. Not that I've got much to show for it. I've had several different things blow up in my face (not litterally!). So I'm bummed. Well, sort of.
I'm not even going to go into what I've been attempting to do. Some were new to me crafts, some were things I've done before that just would not work for me.
So today, I figured I'd try something else. Something new. Again. It was/is fun to do. However, some of the results are not as I had hoped. I can't get into what I'm making yet, as some of it's meant to be gifts. But yeah, some of the paint's not dry yet, so I can't be sure of the end result. Please let stuff just start to work! I don't have too much time left. And I just would like to get back to feeling good about what I love to do. *sigh*
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So I've been crafting my booty off this last week. I made several neckwarmers for one swap, a dreamcatcher for another, am making pantas both for a swap and for the upcoming craftfair.... Need to make a pair of wristwarmers for a swap, and then there's a whole list of other stuff I need to do still. Oh, I made about a dozen or so stitchmarkers the other day, need to make more though. I also did a little bit of knitting on my socks. And on a Prayer Shawl. Need to make a few of those, too.
*sigh*  No rest for the wicked, huh ^_~. I do have pictures of some of the stuff I've made so far, but I won't be posting them. Yet. I want to get done what needs to get done first, so I don't have to stress too much. Once things settle down a bit, I'll take the time to upload all my photos and show it all off. ^_^
Ok, for now though..naptime! Have to be up in 2 hours, ungh....
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Hmm..note to self:

Learn to knit hedgies (and other stuffies).
Learn to knit panta's.
Learn to sew. Period.
Learn to sew stuffies.
Learn to make useful bags.

Perpare for upcoming craft fair.
Finish knitting Treanna's scarf set.

Somehow manage to get more time in each day, and a body that won't bitch at me for doing what I want/need to do.
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Oh how typical. No sooner do I say yes to a craft booth at the fundraiser thingy, or my arm decides to take now as the time to act up again. In other words: no more knitting, or doing much of anything else *grumbles*. Well, at least Dustin has off the next two days (just working tonight) and plans on making jewelry. Should mean there's something to sell *sigh*. I hope I regain the proper use of my arm on time to make something myself, too.
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Just found this icon and thought it was cool. Will use it for a while.

I haven't done much for crafts since the craftfair. I guess I got a bit burnt out from doing so much in so short a time period. However, my muse has been kicking into gear again and I've got a ton of ideas. Mostly stuff to try and sell next year (yeah, s/he couldn't wait), but also stuff I want to make for myself and for others as gifts. I just wish I were able to actually put some of my ideas into action already. I am curious how it'd look in real life, as apposed to just in my head.
I still have to take pictures of the stuff we made for the fair and during the fair. I know there's some pictures already, but better ones.


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