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Man, [ profile] yarnpirate, you're really making me wish we lived closer together. We could get together on a more frequent basis and hang out and craft. Either stuff we already know, or learn new things together. Would be so much fun! Would be ever so cool to be able to just get together with [ profile] needle_ninja and [ profile] arianadream and maybe even Karen and just sit and craft. *sighs*. Of course, the most ideal would be for [ profile] rhiannontherose and [ profile] _holly to be able to join in too. ^_~
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Yay, went and exchanged the needles today. They didn't really ask questions or made any fuss about it at all. Which is great ^_^. So what am I doing on here, instead of knitting that new shawl you wonder? I just got home and needed a break lol. Did some knitting with [ profile] elfie_chan earlier, which was fun. I think we both are looking forward to having a craft/sewing day some time in the near future (near being relative, of course). It's fun to knit with someone else. And no, Dustin doesn't count, because he doesn't knit lol

*blinks* I just got an e-mail from someone I said I'd make a shawl for (well, technically the shawl'll be for her daughter). I have less than 2 weeks to finish it! EEP!!!! I'd better get hustling! *scurries off to knit like a fiend*
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Taken from craftgrrl. I'd say that not only goes for sewing, but knitting and crocheting too.

*sighs* I'd love to be able to knit/sew/craft with my friends. Wouldn't it be neat also, to maybe at some point have some classes at church. Hmm, wonder if that'd be at all feasable to do for G.O.L.F. some season *ponders*. Or at any other time. I mean, the few times I get to go to scrapbooking it's loads of fun, at least I think it is. The atmosphere's just very relaxed and nice, and I always get a lot done. Almost more so then I would at home. Not sure why. Of course, the ladies there usually have it the opposite. They get less done, and are usually amazed at the progress I make while there.
Yeah, getting together for sewing and knitting'd be fun. Anyone want to join me???? *looks hopeful*


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