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That moment where you are way too out of it and you don't really have the right yarn for it anyway but you really want to start a Virus Shawl anyway. I just had it. I spent about 40 minutes just now watching the tutorial for it. *sigh* No, I didn't cast on, obviously, not having any yarn for it that would work (for me, at any rate). Yeah, kinda bummed. I really need to get another mindless project on the needles soon for when I'm low on spoons like I am now, but still want to be doing something (other than watching tutorials for things I can't do anyway, or browse Facebook ad nauseum).
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So I've committed to "angel" for two people now. Quite exciting. I've been working alternatively on Prayer Shawls, and on something for the first person (I only accepted the second one this morning). I can't say what, since I can't risk her chancing on this blog. But so far, I'm liking it. I'll be making a copy of it for myself as well, I think. That is, after I've done the stuff for both people, and another swap.

Ohh, speaking of swaps, if someone has a good idea for an icon that'd be suitable to use for any entries about swapping, that'd be lovely. I don't have any set ideas right now, just that I'd like a special icon for it. Thanks! For now though, my current icon is inspiring me to make a cuppa! Mmm, tea! Chocolate tea, even!

Anyway, back to swapping. I've got a ton of ideas already, and I've only just begun. Not sure what I'll end up doing yet though, aside from what I'm already working on. Since both ladies got flaked on, I want to do a little more then what is required from their swap, normally. But it'll have to be done with whatever I have on hand, of course. That's part of the charm of swapping, in my opinion. As little shopping as possible, since I normally don't even splurge on myself lol.
Ok, I've got tea to make, and a project to finish.
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Craft ADD? You tell me. I've got 3 shawls in the works at different stages. I've got a cross stitch to put the finishing touch on. I have another one waiting in the works that I'm wanting to start. So, what do you think I've been doing the last 2 days. Yep, you guessed it (well, maybe you didn't *chuckles*). I've been....crocheting! Someone left me some yarn, not suitable for making shawls and all different colors. They had already started corcheting something with it and they had also left me come crochet hooks. It's been staring me in the face for the past week, and yesterday I just couldn't resist any more. It wanted to become an afghan. So I started one. Actually, it's wanting to become two different ones. One (the one I started on) is blue with rose. The other one'll be yellow, white, lilac and green. I don't think I'll have enough to finish either of them, but it'll get me a good long way, and it just really wanted to be made now. So what's a girl to do? Right, crochet on ^_^. It'll just be simple granny square style, but that's ok. I'm not good enough at crochet to try anything else right now, and it wanted to be granny squares anyway. I'm doing it with a bit of a twist though, a la [ profile] guavmom ^_~. No real pattern, just straight from the head. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of it, to give you an idea. Then again, maybe I'll wait until it's done, I'm not sure yet.

Ok, well, I'd better get back to it. Right after I'm done checking mail and LJ and stuff
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So Trina just showed me how to do the edging on the sweater. Cool. Tried doing it, seems easy enough, but I can't concentrate at the moment, so aside it goes. Will pick it up when my head isn't all foggy. But yay, I can finish it!
Oh, I showed Trina this book of patterns I got, and she may just end up having me make some for her. She said she'd buy the yarn and stuff so I could make them. Not until things settle down for her though, but still. It's cool ^_^


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