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Doh! I was going to start on the cross stitch of Mickey Mouse as the sorcerer's apprentice, but when I opened up the kit I got a nasty surprise. It gave a list of threads, including threadcount. No big deal, you say. No, it's not. Except that the thread came in one big bundle, without any numbers to identify them with! Meaning that I had to seperate them all, and then try and figure out which color was which. And I don't know all the colors they say I'm supposed to have! I have no clue what fawn is, for example. Also, from what I could tell, I don't have the right amount of thread of the few things I was able to identify *blinks*. Total suckage!
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Hey guys, here's one of the cross stitch things I've been working on:

forever friend )

This is the little one, I even sewed a back on it. No, I didn't take a picture of the back lol. I'm pleased to be able to finish this, it only took me...oh.... 5 years? *chuckles* Why did it take me this long? Because the kit this was from ran out of the colors I needed to finish the bear. So I had to wait and work on another kit to see if there was extra thread in there. There was, thankfully. I didn't have the gusto to finish the other kit though, there's still only backstitching left to do. Maybe tomorrow. But in the meantime....I finished one item! *squee*
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I might not be able to knit yet, but my arm's able to stand cross stitching! *does a happy dance*. I've been happily stitching most of today. Mostly while watching (again) Pride & Prejudice, followed by Moll Flanders. It's actually coming along really nicely. I'm so pleased ^_^. It feels so good to make something again. To watch something come from pretty much nothing. Anywho, I'm going to continue stitching until it's time for me to go to yoga later. Toodles!


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