Aug. 14th, 2005 02:00 pm
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*jiggies* I'm done with the embroidery. And yes, I do have a picture, all be it a crappy, scanned one. But it's there ^_^. I can tell that this is my first time doing embroidery, I can see where I made mistakes, and where I'm trying to figure out how to do a stitch, but I'm still proud as all get out! Dustin gave me high praise indeed when I showed it to him. He stopped what he was doing, turned around and told me I'd done a great job and that it looked awesome! I'm so pleased ^_^. Now I want to do more, but have nothing to do it with lol. Karen (who taught me how to do this) used some special sort of iron on paper ink thingy. No clue what it is. But it ironed the pattern onto the cloth. Anyone know what it is and where I can get hold of some, or what I could use instead?? I'm not quite ready for freeforming just yet.
It was so much fun to do this. Like painting, but with thread instead of paint ^_^. I feel positively artistic *chuckles*.
Oh, anyone have any ideas on what to do with this now it's done??? It's in the middle of a piece of linnen. Can I somehow make it into a patch? Or something? I'm at a loss as to how to use it and show it off lol. I hate the idea of it just lying in my craft drawer again.

**edit** Heh, I posted this on craftgrrl as well, and I'm getting loads of compliments from people saying they don't believe this is the first one I've done ^_^. It's making my day ^_^
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I finished the blue part of the embroidery! And I've started on the sandy color. Not sure sandy's the right name though....sort of between sand and olive? It's exciting to watch it come as a whole though. I probably won't be able to finish it all tonight, but I'm confident that I'll have it done after the weekend. And once it's done, I think I'll venture back into knitting again. Should have been long enough of a break, I think. I'm forcing myself to finish the embroidery first though. Might as well, right?
And yes, I still ogle yarn online and dream of things to make ^_~.
Ouuhhh, Pippin just got himself in trouble. He went and lay down on my work. That is a definate no no in this house. Silly cat. Looked utterly bewildered, too.
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Wow, I've come quite a way with my embroidery. I'm almost done with all the blue! And eventhough I have made a few mistakes here and there, and my stithes aren't the same in every place, it's looking very nice (in my opinion anyway, and Dustin's), and I'm proud of it. This is, after all, my first attempt at embroidery. I hope to finish the blue part tomorrow. I had intended to do so tonight, but ended up being out of the house all night. I can't wait to see what it'll look like once I start with the sand color though. I'm just amazed at watching it take shape. Ahh creativity, you are my friend, indeed ^_^.
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Well, since I can't knit yet, I've been consoling myself with my embriodery. It's the same one I've been working on since last year. What can I say, knitting took over ^_~. The design is the same as part of [ profile] brightshadowsky's background on LJ. It'll be in light blue and a sandy/beige color once it's done. The outlining of it is in darkblue. So far, I'm liking it. I'm almost halfway done with the lightblue, the dark, of course, is already finished. No clue what I'll do with it once it's finished though. It's on some linen (I think it's linen anyway) cloth, as it was just for practiise, but I should like to put it to use when it's done. Anyone have any ideas?
I will admit. It's kind of nice to be doing something other then knitting. But I still have the knitting bug very badly and am still itching to pick up my needles. But oh, just to see something emerge from my own two hands! I love that feeling! There's nothing quite like it.
I still want to learn to sew. If only I could kick Dustin's butt in gear so he can check the sewing machine out and set it up and everything. I've got some old jeans that are just begging to be made into a quilt. I know, I won't have enough for the whole thing, but it'll be enough to start with. And if any of my friends have any jeans they no longer wear for one reason or another, but still has plenty of usable fabric left on it, and you don't have any plans for recycling them yourself, I would welcome them. I've already got a ton of jeans, but hey, a quilt takes a lot of fabric ^_~.


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