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Woot, Trojans won! Which means that we'll be rooting for Missouri (sorry, [ profile] fritzsmomma!), and hoping for a BCS upset.

Wow... Beth, Danny and Kayden showed up way later than I anticipated. And Trina was later still. So now I'm left with a ton of food (I don't even know how the drumsticks turned out, because we ate so late with the rest of the stuff ((soup turned out great, as did the nachos)), and I'm about to head to bed). At least I won't have to worry about cooking any time soon? The brownies turned out good, too, so I'm glad for that.
We watched the game for a while, but everyone wanted to play Rockstar, so we switched to that instead. My voice is kinda scratchy right now lol. I was designated to the mic, though Danny and Beth both had a go, too. I did drums for a bit, as well. Apparently though, no one understands how I'm able to do as well on drums and singing lol. Which is very funny to me, because I don't feel I do well at all! Ah well.
Kayden hadn't had a nap yet, so they ended up leaving early (about an hour ago). Trina stayed long enough to get a brownie lol.

As I said, I'm about to head to bed, after I check LJ and e-mail and stuff. Hopefully I can sleep! I've been having headache issues off and on all day, which sucks, but at least it didn't become a migraine. I'm hoping it won't, either! I'm exhausted though..... I got all the dishes done (for all of the 2  hours that that lasted for -_-), the laundry taken care of and the last of the trash out the door. I've been a very busy beaver these last few days! Tomorrow, I intend on doing... nothing. Knit maybe, go online probably. But aside from that, nada! I've earned a rest lol.

I think Dustin had a good day. I asked him and he smiled and said it was ok, but he still doesn't like birthdays lol (coming from him, that means he had a good time).

Oh, minor addendum to the plans for tomorrow. Danny and Beth said they might come over again and play Wii. But that's fun stuff, so that's ok ^_~
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I just got 2 pieces of mail. One (which I happened to open first) was my uncle's announcement of death, or whatever that's called. I'll translate some of it.

When an old man dies, a library burns down. This time, a really big one burnt down.

That both made me smile and really sad. I'm not sure why, but I like the analogy.

The second piece of mail was from friends from church. It was a card, with a little poem tucked into it, author unknown.

When sorrow comes,
God always cares,
He knows our grief
And hears our prayers,
He comforts us
Till heartaches cease--
He is our strength,
He is our peace.

They also write a little note, which I'm not going to copy down. Suffice it to say that I was brought to tears, and I am grateful and deeply touched by their caring.  I just noticed that the poem (which is kind of a sticker) has some dried flowers on it (or is that between it?). A nice, personal touch.
Now please excuse me, I have thank you notes to write.
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I just spent the last 5 hours or so with my sister in law and 2 of her kids -_-. Needless to say, I am now exhausted. It wasn't too bad for the first...hour? Then the kids started in on eachother, progressively getting worse. Liam even unbuckled himself twice while I was driving. Totally not cool!. Of course, it didn't help that I'm on the heavest day of my period, so...owie! Guess what I'm not doing today. Yep, going anywhere else! I was going to go to a Megan's Pantry party tonight, but no way I'm doing that now. It'd be in half an hour. Nu-uh.

*blinks* They (the news people) need to re-define their definition of silver lining! They just had a bit about migraine having a silver lining. Stating that people with migraines have a lower risk of dying of cardio-vascular diseases.However! If you have migraines with audio or visual distortions, you have a higher risk of dying of cardio-vascular diseases. 1 in 5 women have said distortions with their migraines. And they call this a silver lining? *rolls eyes*

Ok, I gotta go and do something. As long as it's not sitting here staring at my computer screen. My mind's going .......... lol
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[ profile] brightshadowsky! Thank you for your presents ^_^. I'll be bringing the spindle-thingy along so you can show me how to work it lol. I love the markers as well, thank you ^_^ *snugs*. Only a few more days until we get to see you again ^_^. Dustin and I are both looking forward to the trip ^_^. By the by, you're working on Friday, I presume?
Thank you, also, [ profile] arianadream, for holding on to the presents for me ^_^ *snugs*. It was nice to spend a little time with you again.

Well, I know I've been rather quiet these past few days. That's mainly because Dustin's been hogging the computer again. That's what I get for having him take two consecutive days off *chuckles*. Ahh well, it was nice to have him home for a few days. We got taken out to Ambrosia's on Saturday, as a belated anniversary gift from Trina. She also was designated driver, which meant I could endulge for a change and have a drink, weeee ^_^. No, I did not get sloshed, just happily buzzed lol. It was fun though, and good food! The only thing that saddened me a little was that they no longer had the hazelnut martini that I've been craving this past year. The bartender made something up, but it wasn't the same.

The rest of the time I've been either sleeping or knitting, pretty much. Well, with some church in there somewhere on Sunday, of course lol. It's nice going regularly again.

Ok, I'd best continue reading LJ now. I'm a bit behind, don't you know ^_~
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WYSIWYG isn't so bad when you want to write and put in pictures *chuckles*. Though I don't think I'll use it at other times, I think I like HTML better. Anyway!
Again with the pictures! )

My back has been killing me all day long. Between my period last week and being so busy getting ready for the fair and then being at the fair, my back is not happy. I should count my lucky stars though, because if it hadn't been for the gym, I'd have already been in trouble and gotten another disc herniated. As it stands now though, I'm close to it, but not there yet. Which means I just have to take things easy for a while. If, by Wednesday, my back isn't any happier, I'll have a talk with Steve about my training, because it'll need to be altered until my back is better again. Shouldn't be a problem though, I don't think.
I did take painmeds and sleeping aids this morning to help me sleep, tired as I was. I also, for the first time ever, turned all the phones off. We were incommunicado for the day. And I'm very glad I did that. I didn't wake up until 7pm-ish. Late, granted, but we both needed the sleep after this last week. Dustin did wake me up around 10am though, when he went to bed, because he was really loud coming into the bedroom. He scared me half to death, and then asks why I got scared *blinks*. Gee, I wonder why! I was asleep already, and then there's loud noises all of a sudden. You tell me why I was scared awake *chuckles*.

As you might have surmised, I have Trina's camera again, yippie! She stuck to her guns and got the camera back from Matthew, which means I can use it again. I'm going to try and take better pictures of the stuff we made for the fair and put them up. I'm also going to try and see about selling some of it on either ebay or one of the communities on LJ. Would be nice to get rid of them. I don't need 3 candy wreaths, after all. ^_~
It'll be nice to be able to take pictures again. I like the fact I have a camera phone and all, but the quality of those pics isn't as good as I'd like my pictures to be. So yeah, I'm a happy camper at the moment ^_^. Watch out for more pictures in the near future!

I think that's about as much excitement as I have to offer for today though. I'm having a lazy day today, and dangit I've earned it ^_~
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Yippie!! I have pictures!
First, some craft fair stuff, the necklaces are Dustin's and the rest is mine; then
2 new cat pics (yes, I know Arwen's pic is really dark) and
3 new family pics. Yes, that's my newest nephew and his mommy, cute huh ^_^.
And also 3 new area pics (we had a replica of the Vietnam Wall over for a visit. It was very impressive and ..not quite sure how to explain how I felt)

That was about it for now. Will have more pictures soon, promise! Just have to ge them from Dustin's phone, but it's almost out of battery lol. I know they're not the best quality pictures, but at least I can show stuff again. Huzzah for picture phones ^_^
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I'm loving the sock-knitting so far ^_^. Funny thing is, I was chatting with both my mom and her sister the other day, and I happened to mention to my aunt that I had learned to knit socks. Her response: "ewwwwww!!! I hate knitting socks, it's the worst!". When I told my mom about how my aunt had reacted, she laughed and said it was probably because of the nuns back when they were in school. Apparently, they made them knit socks and potholders. In a not too friendly fashion. My how times have changed, eh?
I am, however, starting to get a bit nervous. I'm a little less then an inch away from starting the heel, and I'm not sure I remember how [ profile] yarnpirate said to do it. *bites lip* I shall do my best, however, and go from there.
By the way, [ profile] yarnpirate, someone commented to my post on [ profile] knitting, she wanted to know what pattern I was using. Since you slightly altered the pattern you taught me to be easier to manage, I told her I'd ask you to post the pattern????? Is that possible?

I still don't know what I'll be doing for Christmas gifts this year. The plans I had made last Christmas so I'd be better prepared for this one kind of all fell through *sigh*. Of course, it doesn't help that I still can't go full spead ahead with crafting because of my arm. Though it's behaving pretty good so far, I don't want to overdo it. Yet ^_~.

I also still need to go through all the stuff I've already got and see what all I've got ready for the craft fair, and what I can feasably make for it. Dustin and I are both going to try make some jewelry, that is one thing I do know. As for the rest, not so sure yet. I had hoped to make some shawls, but not sure that can happen. Ahhh, so many things to do, so little time!
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I wore my new sweater today to church and got loads of compliments from people. I feel so proud ^_^ And very pleased, of course. Didn't get any pictures taken though, so that'll have to keep. Even Trina loved how it worked out with the edging. When she showed me how to do it, she had her doubts, but now she loves it. May have to look into seeing if I can find some yarn that'd work for her and make her one as a gift or something. There's always birthdays and Christmas.
Speaking of gifts, Teresa and Earl said that when they've got the money, they'd buy some yarn as a belated birthday present. I'm happy that they're willing to do so, but in all honesty I'll believe it when I see it. No offense to them, but I've been down that road before with her. Oh well, if she does come through this time, it'd be really neat! There's a ton of stuff out there I want to make. Ohhhh the possibilities!
Speaking of possibilities. [ profile] elfie_chan, I know you told me about, but here's another good website for yarn. They even have the Debi Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk yarn, for only $5.99, on sale! Cheapest I've seen it yet.

I've gotten quite far with my bag. I think I'm almost there. I'm running out of the grey wool though, but I'm ok with that. Only need a little bit more, I think. Hey, [ profile] brightshadowsky, do you think it'd work out ok to knit a flap onto the bag before felting????? I'm not worried about it covering the whole thing, because I don't want it to anyway, but I'm more concerned about the blocking of the bag afterwards, and also about the flap getting stuck during felting. Any input? Same goes for the strap, by the way. Decided I want it felted as well, not going for the leather. Am getting a very definate idea of what I want it to look like, but not sure if it can, if you know what I mean lol.
Still need to get together with you online or over the phone about that sweater. Think I will re-read the pattern and see where I left off, maybe I can figure it out for myself now I've put it aside for a few days. I'll let you know, ok?

Yeah, I think that's enough craft babble for now. Can anyone tell I'm excited to be able to wear my own work? ^_^


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