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For my SCA/Ren minded friends (and who may not have seen the post about this in the SCA group), check out [ profile] rhiannontherose's post about selling off books and other stuff from their collection. You'd be helping a family in need, spreading good Karma and of course you'd be getting nifty stuff in return ^_~
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[ profile] brightshadowsky, [ profile] brightshadowsky, have you seen this???????? I saw it and thought immideiately of you!

Dangit, I really need to get a "Squee!!!!" icon ^_^
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I just got 2 pieces of mail. One (which I happened to open first) was my uncle's announcement of death, or whatever that's called. I'll translate some of it.

When an old man dies, a library burns down. This time, a really big one burnt down.

That both made me smile and really sad. I'm not sure why, but I like the analogy.

The second piece of mail was from friends from church. It was a card, with a little poem tucked into it, author unknown.

When sorrow comes,
God always cares,
He knows our grief
And hears our prayers,
He comforts us
Till heartaches cease--
He is our strength,
He is our peace.

They also write a little note, which I'm not going to copy down. Suffice it to say that I was brought to tears, and I am grateful and deeply touched by their caring.  I just noticed that the poem (which is kind of a sticker) has some dried flowers on it (or is that between it?). A nice, personal touch.
Now please excuse me, I have thank you notes to write.
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[ profile] rhiannontherose/[ profile] b_r_c has her auction for her lovely pendants up and running. Go, have a look, maybe even bid? I wish I could ^_^
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[ profile] brightshadowsky! Thank you for your presents ^_^. I'll be bringing the spindle-thingy along so you can show me how to work it lol. I love the markers as well, thank you ^_^ *snugs*. Only a few more days until we get to see you again ^_^. Dustin and I are both looking forward to the trip ^_^. By the by, you're working on Friday, I presume?
Thank you, also, [ profile] arianadream, for holding on to the presents for me ^_^ *snugs*. It was nice to spend a little time with you again.

Well, I know I've been rather quiet these past few days. That's mainly because Dustin's been hogging the computer again. That's what I get for having him take two consecutive days off *chuckles*. Ahh well, it was nice to have him home for a few days. We got taken out to Ambrosia's on Saturday, as a belated anniversary gift from Trina. She also was designated driver, which meant I could endulge for a change and have a drink, weeee ^_^. No, I did not get sloshed, just happily buzzed lol. It was fun though, and good food! The only thing that saddened me a little was that they no longer had the hazelnut martini that I've been craving this past year. The bartender made something up, but it wasn't the same.

The rest of the time I've been either sleeping or knitting, pretty much. Well, with some church in there somewhere on Sunday, of course lol. It's nice going regularly again.

Ok, I'd best continue reading LJ now. I'm a bit behind, don't you know ^_~
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Hey folks, remember [ profile] rhiannontherose and her beautious jewelry??? She was supposed to go to a fair, with these, but Fedex never delivered it to the seller. Which means, these are for sale the public! So go have a peak, and if you see something you want, go make an offer ^_^. Yes, I am trying to make a sale for her :P
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So I messed up bad enough on my sock that I had no choice but to frog the whole thing. I couldn't make heads or tails of it anymore *sniffles*. I started casting on and knitting on it again though, until I came to a point where I couldn't remember what to do next, and [ profile] brightshadowsky hadn't written the instructions down. So I called her and asked for help. Which she graciously gave (which is why I wasn't online after all, sorry [ profile] rhiannontherose!). After a lot of tinkering and some more messing up on my part, we got it figured out (I think!). I now have 16 stitches on all four needles, which is as it should be. Now, if only I could continue the rest of the sock without any more hick-ups.
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I'm knitting my first sock!!! Woohoo!!! Though I did just manage to pull off the stitches of one entire needle (got them all back on again, thank God!), I've been making good progress ^_^. [ profile] yarnpirate came over and taught me how to make a toe-up sock. It's not difficult at all, really. I'm hoping to have it finished in a few days, provided I can get away with knitting without anything coming up and my arm behaving itself, of course. She explained how to make the heel and I think I understand it, but first I have the foot to knit up, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm so psyched! *does a happy dance* Thank you so much, Nikki! *hugs*

God it feels good to b e able to do something again! To watch something being made by my own hands. ^_^
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  Teehee!! I'm listening to the CD Halcyon ([ profile] trueblueotaku) made me ^_^. Track 10's my favorite so far, I may just have to give in and hit replay ^_~. For those who didnt' know or have forgotten, she made me a list of all sorts of different chocobo songs ^_^.  Kweh! Kweh!!! *runs around like a chocobo* Kweh! Thanks for re-making the CD for me, [ profile] trueblueotaku! *snugs*


Jul. 19th, 2005 06:53 am
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With a little luck, I'll be picking up a free fleece this afternoon ^_^.  I'm so excited ^_^. I can't remember the exact amount the guy said he had, but hey, I don't much care. I saw the add in the paper this morning and thought of [ profile] brightshadowsky straight away. He said he wanted to get rid of it because they're moving, and that it hasn't had anything done to it yet, it's straight from the sheep. We shall see, we shall see. If I get it (I should though), then I'm going to have to boogie over to Newport real soon. Oh yeah, it's so unfair ^_~


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