Jun. 13th, 2008 07:17 pm
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Wow, this was not a fun day. And a definite Friday 13th! I got rear-ended this morning on my way to get gas after the route. The car's barely got a scratch, and I think I'm ok. I'm hurting as hell, but it's hard to tell if it's just muscle ache from tensing up during the collision, the fibro being what it is or the stress of it all compounding what already wasn't a good fibro day to begin with.
I could not stop crying and shaking for a good 45-60 minutes after it happened. I got Trina to come pick me up, as I didn't feel it was safe for me to drive in that condition. The car was left in the parking lot of the Red Lion Hotel (very nice people there, I might add), until such time as she was able to pick it up after work and get it home to me (which she has now done, and which is why I am up, partially. More on that in a bit). That was my first accident as a driver, second one total in my life. I pray it was my last one ever. I do not think adrenaline rushes (and the subsequent crashes) agree with me very much.
Dustin was home when it happened, as I'd given him the day off. When I called him and told him what had happened, I asked him to please have tea ready (he normally does not make tea. Ever. He claims that he doesn't know how to do it properly, so that it tastes as good as when I make it. Nonsense, if you ask me, but ok). He told me he was already putting on the water for it. Love that man ^_^.

Eh, brain not functioning properly..... anyway, bottom line is that insurance has been called, information exchanged, and I'm waiting to see if things get worse before calling a doctor (since I'm going off the premise that it's just my muscles reacting to tensing up).
As for why I'm awake... I got woken up by UPS, followed by Trina not half an hour after that. And now I can't fall back asleep. Blah.....
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Hmm, just was pointed towards this interesting little article  on chronic pain, on Yahoo. Certainly rings a few bells, for me at least.
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It is National Invisible Illness Awareness Week this week. Just found out from a few friends online. Do you have an invisible, chronis illness? I do. Fibromyalgia, asthma and endometriosis. You wouldn't know any of it to look at me (unless I'm having a really bad asthma or pain day!) and I try to go about my daily life just like any of you, but these conditions will never go away and will always be a part of my life.

If you have a chronic invisible illness, don't be invisible this week! Pass this on, make others aware.
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I think I just had an epiphany. I've just, thanks to [livejournal.com profile] jenniepanic, read something on migraines I didn't know before. Remember how I'm always complaining about my neck hurting, and about my monhtly bouts with toothaches? Apparently, they're both possible as pain symptoms for migraines! That so explains why I only get toothaches when I'm getting my period, which is when I have the most issues with migraines. That also explains why I so often have trouble with my neck. And after reading that article (http://www.webmd.com/content/article/66/79575.htm) I can recognize so many things in it, it's not even funny. I think I need to talk to a doctor, more than I may need to see the dentist, in any case ^_~. Thanks, Jennie, for linking me to that article.
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I have succombed (I think that's the correct way of putting it). I want to make this blanket. Granted, I'd love for mine to have much the same colors as that one. But it won't. Instead, I'm going to use every single acrylic yarn I have that's single color (somehow I don't think that the multi-colored ones would work so well here. Too busy). I figure this is a good way of using up what I've got (and tomorrow morning I'm getting more of it. Yay Freecycle!), without feeling bad about colors. Because this blanket is supposed to be mis-matched and color-bountiful. How perfect! ^_^ Yeah, I didn't have enough knitting projects on my hands, right? ^_~
Speaking of knitting. I worked on a prayer shawl today, and also took out Treanna's scarf and worked on that for a while. I'm further along with it then I remembered, which is nice. I believe I need a total of...12 or 13 repeats? And I'm already on the 8th or 9th (I forget which), so not too much farther to go. Now, if only my body'd cooperate with me. Stupid shoulder and wrist started acting up a bit again. Blah. So out the Sombra came again, it should be ok though.
But yes, that blanket will be started up here soon. The other beauty of it? I learn a new skill ^_^.
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I just spent the last 5 hours or so with my sister in law and 2 of her kids -_-. Needless to say, I am now exhausted. It wasn't too bad for the first...hour? Then the kids started in on eachother, progressively getting worse. Liam even unbuckled himself twice while I was driving. Totally not cool!. Of course, it didn't help that I'm on the heavest day of my period, so...owie! Guess what I'm not doing today. Yep, going anywhere else! I was going to go to a Megan's Pantry party tonight, but no way I'm doing that now. It'd be in half an hour. Nu-uh.

*blinks* They (the news people) need to re-define their definition of silver lining! They just had a bit about migraine having a silver lining. Stating that people with migraines have a lower risk of dying of cardio-vascular diseases.However! If you have migraines with audio or visual distortions, you have a higher risk of dying of cardio-vascular diseases. 1 in 5 women have said distortions with their migraines. And they call this a silver lining? *rolls eyes*

Ok, I gotta go and do something. As long as it's not sitting here staring at my computer screen. My mind's going .......... lol
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Don't have a whole lot to write about, really. I'm taking it easy today, or rather, I have been, lol. Been very tired (I'm wondering if my period is lurking again...), mind you, not getting very much/good sleep probably isn't helping matters much either. I have been dutifully doing dishes though, blergh.

I've been having a hunkering for lavender scones (after a conversation with [livejournal.com profile] whytegrrrl), and I've looked for a recipe for it, but have drawn a blank thus far. Anyone happen to have a good one??? I've been on a baking kick lately lol. Mind you, I'm getting a bit tired of cookies and stuff, even if they're the "better" ones, with oatmeal and stuff. Speaking of recipes. Anyone have anything good to share that's handy enough to eat in the car??? I'm open to try most things. Thanks ^_^.

I'm hoping I'll be up for going to see Pirates tomorrow, and Dustin too, for that matter. Otherwise it won't be until Thursday. *sigh* I want to see it already, dangit!
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mmmm, there isn't much better then the smell of baking oatmeal/raisin cookies. Except maybe eating said cookie ^_~. Yes, I am baking again. Just the cookies this time, not up for more. Have had a headache all day and it just won't quit. Bah.
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Woot! Went to the chiropractor today. He says that my back isn't herniated, but that it's an internal tear at the same disc. Which means it was close, but it also means that after some adjustments, my back is now hardly hurting anymore. I still need to be careful and I still need to do my exercises and stuff, but the prospect's a lot better then if it'd been fully herniated. And ohhh, it feels so good to be able to walk upright again without pain. Well, plain upright lol.
Anyway, I won't be checking LJ today, since I've been sitting down for way too long today already. We went and saw X-men 3 (yay for free movies and massaging lumbar support!). I can only say two things. Shocking. And WOW! See it, if you're at all into X-men! Really! See! I'm using exclamation marks! It's that good! ^_~ Ok, I'll stop now lol. I'm off to the floor! The floor, and Angel ^_~
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Ok folks, I've done it again. I think I have another herniated disc. I've got an appointment with my chiro in the morning to find out, but my back's killing me and I can barely move. So, if it turns out I'm right, it means I won't be online a whole lot, or doing much of anything else. Again. I'm not looking forward to this. I don't want this anymore. Because it sucks, royally. And don't go telling me off for being on the computer now and sitting up. I am having some food and can only do that from the desk, so I figured I might as well do two things at the same time. *sighs* God, I hope I'm wrong. Anyway, I'll check LJ and e-mails whenever I feel up to it, but it won't be often, so I'm sorry if I miss out on anything important. Hope everyone'll be doing well.
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I might not be able to knit yet, but my arm's able to stand cross stitching! *does a happy dance*. I've been happily stitching most of today. Mostly while watching (again) Pride & Prejudice, followed by Moll Flanders. It's actually coming along really nicely. I'm so pleased ^_^. It feels so good to make something again. To watch something come from pretty much nothing. Anywho, I'm going to continue stitching until it's time for me to go to yoga later. Toodles!
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Man, whatever Dustin's been fighting, he's finally managed to give it to me. Last night, after a long but very enjoyable day hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] carabe11a and her hubby, I got home with a massive headache. I decided to go to bed after taking some medication, convincing Dustin to leave the couch and come with me. When I woke up I felt miserable. Sick to my stomach, dizzy, horrible tummy ache, like it was about to explode! Horrible. So after dropping him off at work (he was feeling better, typical), I went back to bed, hoping against hope I'd feel better after more sleep.
Of course, I didn't. I felt worse. But, up I went anyway, to do the route. No fun, no fun at all. Thankfully Dustin didn't have long left at work after the route, so I was soon home and in bed again. No church, stomach still feeling like it was about to explode (I think it might have, actually). So now I'm awake, still sick to my tummy, a bit dizzy, tired but not. The feeling like my stomach's about to explode is still lurking, but not as bad as this morning. Of course, Dustin tells me this morning that there's been a bug going around his work (ok, he couldn't have told me this earlier, when I was worried about him because he has been feeling sick for weeks now?). So yeah, I thanked him and told him that as much as I love getting things from him, this was one gift I'd have loved to not have gotten. Ungh.

I really hope that you won't get sick, [livejournal.com profile] carabe11a, or your hubby.

In any case, I think I'm going to retire to the couch now and lie down for a while, watching TV (probably Pride & Prejudice again, as I doubt there's anything worthwhile on tv right now).
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Oh how typical. No sooner do I say yes to a craft booth at the fundraiser thingy, or my arm decides to take now as the time to act up again. In other words: no more knitting, or doing much of anything else *grumbles*. Well, at least Dustin has off the next two days (just working tonight) and plans on making jewelry. Should mean there's something to sell *sigh*. I hope I regain the proper use of my arm on time to make something myself, too.
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Would I really need to get hold of a pattern in order to sew up a yoga bag? Mind you, I still don't know if my machine works, or know how to sew, but it's one of the projects I'd like to try and tackle first. You know, to get the hang of it?
I've seen some yoga bags, and they seem pretty simple to me, and I've got a few things I'd like to make sure to have with mine. Please assure me in that it really isn't very hard to just wing? The main thing I'm not sure of would be the lining. But I'm hoping that Trina can help me with that (if she doesn't flake on me..again).

I want to do more knitting as well (when don't I?). But for some reason, my arm's acting up again. It's been doing that from time to time ever since I pulled that muscle a few months ago. Sucks big time, because there's a lot I want to finish. Prayer Shawls among them, of course, but also the scarf for Treanna, so I free up the needles I need to finish my T-shirt finally. I'm not sure I did myself a favor by putting my Shawl yarn in the entertainment center (believe it or not, only place I had for it lol). Because now it's just sitting there, taunting me every day. *sigh* Ahh well.
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Owwww, my arm! I want a ballwinder, dangit. I've wound 13 skeins into balls and man can I feel it in my shoulder. I've litterally been at it all day long *sigh*.
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Blargh... I have finished 3 scarves since finishing the shawls last week. I'm working on a fourth now and my arm decides it's time for a break. Figures. Oh well, enough for tonight I guess, hopefully I can do some more tomorrow. At least I've gone through one whole skein of yarn and half of another one. The scarf I'm working on now will take up an entire skein again, so that'll be nice. Stash busting, gotta love it.
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Woot! Haven't gotten a lot done that's on my to do list still, but instead I got something else done. We finally have a futon-type thingy under our matrasses, so we now sleep higher up and are no longer just on the floor. It's not as good as a proper bedframe, but a heck of a lot better. At least, that's what we are hoping for anyway. Still have to try sleeping on it of course. Also got the bedroom vacumed, and laundry's in the process of being done. All in all, a good day. Though I will admit that my back's screaming at me right now. There's no more help to be had from Dustin, as he's hurting too much to move right now, and has just now also fallen asleep on the couch. Couldn't keep himself awake any longer, I guess. Not surprising, given the week he's had.
Hey, at least I got stuff accomplished today, so I'm happy. I have to stay up so I can go to a meeting at church tonight, but after that I'm looking forward to conking out. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep myself occupied with dishes and LJ. Might do some knitting later, if Dustin'll give me room enough to sit down lol.

**edit** Well, no knitting for me. He's splayed all over the couch, as usual. But, I did finish the laundry. On an aside... I'm in love! With Towels! Weird, you say? Nay, not really. We had to get some new towels the other week, got them at Costco. My goodness! I've never owned such lush, soft, thick towels! They're nice and blue and big! Also got some aubergine colored ones, just as lush. I know I used to say that spending money on something like towels was pointless, but I take it back! I know I didn't really pay that much for them, since I had gotten a Costco cash card and used the money from it to cover most of the expense, but still! Towels are most definately on the list of worth spending money on. *sighs happily* They're so thick that I hardly have room in my cubbords for them, which is a true novelty for us lol. Yay for new towels! Now I want to replace all of the old towels with new ones from Costco (not that I will, but ohh wouldn't it be loverly!).

*sigh* I should finish doing dishes...there's not much left. But I'm pooped and my back's killing me. And I have to get ready for my meeting tonight. A meeting which I have to leave for in about... 20 minutes, yikes! Not sure I'm bring my knitting with me to the meeting tonight, as the chairs aren't the best at church (for me, at least). Ah well, best get hoppin'.
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Bah, didn't get a whole lot done, but at least two things are stricken from my list. Not sure how much I'll do tonight, as I'm very tired (didn't get a lot of sleep again, and what little I got, was poor indeed).
We had the Megan's Pantry party today, but no one showed up, so Theresa, Trina and I just sat around and talked, and ate samples. It was fun, maybe we'll have more luck next time though. I'm shooting for another party in March or something. Not sure yet.
Right now, I'm making a turkey meatloaf. First time I'm making meatloaf by myself, as Dustin's asleep on the couch. Hope it turns out good. I think I remembered all the ingredients at least (Dustin tends to forget at least one thing every time lol). Contemplating getting something else to eat in the meantime though, as I'm overdue for a meal and very hungry. I'm going to try and stay awake until Dustin has to go to work, and then it's bed for me. Kind of wishing I could just take a painPM and conk out for hours, but that's not happening. I do need to get a solid block of sleep here soon though, as it's beginning to affect my mood, which I'm not liking. I will, however, try to make it to church in the morning. I really, really need to get back into the habit of going every week.
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Ungh, it's not fair! I'm on my period again already....I wish they weren't so painful. I told Treanna earlier that she'd better pray that when she gets hers, they won't be near as painful as mine are. I liked her response...she said she doesn't want to get any ever at all. I can't blame her for thinking that. Right now, I'm kind of wishing the same thing. Now, please excuse me while I go and crawl under my blankets and whince in pain for a while.
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There's something to be said for watching a movie on your own. No one complains when I talk along with the movie ^_~. Dustin hates when I speak the lines, andI enjoy it (at times). I'm watching Harry Potter for the umpteenth time and am going right along with it *chuckles*

Bah, stupid period started today. No wonder I've been feeling bleh all day, and yesterday too. Blah, I say! Can't wait for it to be over and done with.
By the way, if anyone's been wondering about the new Mr. Clean thingy to clean bathrooms with (you know, the ones with the stick and stuff?), I can tell you that that thing works! I cleaned my tub this morning, and it's cleaner now then it was before we moved in, which is a scary thought. I could've gotten it better still, but my back started to bitch too much. But yeah, I'm glad I got it. Will make things a little easier from now on.  And so ends my plug for a cleaning product *chuckles*
OK, back to Harry Potter (the first, in case you were wondering). And a cup of tea...maybe a piece of chocolate.


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