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*wipes sweat off face* Man, even with the A/C on it's in the 80's inside! I'm soo warm, and I can't even do what I did yesterday (ie. shed clothes), since they're working on the appartment and the window is not covered due to the A/C. So yeah, little relieve today again. I don't care if they do say it's not record setting heat, it's still too damn hot in here. No way we're sleeping in the bedroom tonight. Couch it will be again, unless Trina brings an airmattress like she said she would.
Haven't done any chores today. Need to try get some done tomorrow though, laundry, so I can get cooler clothes on again. Did do a few dishes, but..meh.
Ok, I'm going back to my sock! Am waiting for dinner. I'm actually hungry. Might be because I haven't had anything to eat today, really.
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I'm so tired right now it's not even funny. I want to go to sleep. Why don't I, you say? Because they're doing the roof right now (and will be for the next 2 weeks!!!!!). So a lot of loud noise, right over my head. I am not amused. Especially since this was supposed to have been done last year! Our old manager gave us a notice in springtime, letting us know that the appartments would all be painted and the roofs re-done. The painting, as some of you may recall, ended up taking most of the year, not finishing until it was too cold to really keep your doors open, but we weren't allowed to close them for fear of them being painted shut. I told our new manager this, and she was shocked. At least this time, when we got the notice, it actually started the day she said it would. Now I can only hope it'll actually end when they're supposed to, too.

I think I'm going to try and lay on the couch. If I'm lucky, I may just pass out after all.
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Don't have a whole lot to write about, really. I'm taking it easy today, or rather, I have been, lol. Been very tired (I'm wondering if my period is lurking again...), mind you, not getting very much/good sleep probably isn't helping matters much either. I have been dutifully doing dishes though, blergh.

I've been having a hunkering for lavender scones (after a conversation with [ profile] whytegrrrl), and I've looked for a recipe for it, but have drawn a blank thus far. Anyone happen to have a good one??? I've been on a baking kick lately lol. Mind you, I'm getting a bit tired of cookies and stuff, even if they're the "better" ones, with oatmeal and stuff. Speaking of recipes. Anyone have anything good to share that's handy enough to eat in the car??? I'm open to try most things. Thanks ^_^.

I'm hoping I'll be up for going to see Pirates tomorrow, and Dustin too, for that matter. Otherwise it won't be until Thursday. *sigh* I want to see it already, dangit!
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Woot! Haven't gotten a lot done that's on my to do list still, but instead I got something else done. We finally have a futon-type thingy under our matrasses, so we now sleep higher up and are no longer just on the floor. It's not as good as a proper bedframe, but a heck of a lot better. At least, that's what we are hoping for anyway. Still have to try sleeping on it of course. Also got the bedroom vacumed, and laundry's in the process of being done. All in all, a good day. Though I will admit that my back's screaming at me right now. There's no more help to be had from Dustin, as he's hurting too much to move right now, and has just now also fallen asleep on the couch. Couldn't keep himself awake any longer, I guess. Not surprising, given the week he's had.
Hey, at least I got stuff accomplished today, so I'm happy. I have to stay up so I can go to a meeting at church tonight, but after that I'm looking forward to conking out. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep myself occupied with dishes and LJ. Might do some knitting later, if Dustin'll give me room enough to sit down lol.

**edit** Well, no knitting for me. He's splayed all over the couch, as usual. But, I did finish the laundry. On an aside... I'm in love! With Towels! Weird, you say? Nay, not really. We had to get some new towels the other week, got them at Costco. My goodness! I've never owned such lush, soft, thick towels! They're nice and blue and big! Also got some aubergine colored ones, just as lush. I know I used to say that spending money on something like towels was pointless, but I take it back! I know I didn't really pay that much for them, since I had gotten a Costco cash card and used the money from it to cover most of the expense, but still! Towels are most definately on the list of worth spending money on. *sighs happily* They're so thick that I hardly have room in my cubbords for them, which is a true novelty for us lol. Yay for new towels! Now I want to replace all of the old towels with new ones from Costco (not that I will, but ohh wouldn't it be loverly!).

*sigh* I should finish doing dishes...there's not much left. But I'm pooped and my back's killing me. And I have to get ready for my meeting tonight. A meeting which I have to leave for in about... 20 minutes, yikes! Not sure I'm bring my knitting with me to the meeting tonight, as the chairs aren't the best at church (for me, at least). Ah well, best get hoppin'.
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There's something to be said for watching a movie on your own. No one complains when I talk along with the movie ^_~. Dustin hates when I speak the lines, andI enjoy it (at times). I'm watching Harry Potter for the umpteenth time and am going right along with it *chuckles*

Bah, stupid period started today. No wonder I've been feeling bleh all day, and yesterday too. Blah, I say! Can't wait for it to be over and done with.
By the way, if anyone's been wondering about the new Mr. Clean thingy to clean bathrooms with (you know, the ones with the stick and stuff?), I can tell you that that thing works! I cleaned my tub this morning, and it's cleaner now then it was before we moved in, which is a scary thought. I could've gotten it better still, but my back started to bitch too much. But yeah, I'm glad I got it. Will make things a little easier from now on.  And so ends my plug for a cleaning product *chuckles*
OK, back to Harry Potter (the first, in case you were wondering). And a cup of tea...maybe a piece of chocolate.
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So they showed up at around 1.30pm-ish. Painted the doors, were loud, left stuff where it shouldn't be left (they'd borrowed the neighbours chair in order to keep my screendoor open while painting) and just generally not very nice. It is now almost 11pm, and the door is still tacky, and I've had it open almost the entire time. I only closed it for a bit while taking Dustin to work, and now it's right open again. Not sure for how long, because it is getting rediculously cold, rather quickly. Needless to say, I'm not very happy right now.

In other news, I got the pictures in from Snapfish that I ordered for Trina. I'm impressed with them! I'm sending in a roll of film, since I get one devellopped for free. Hopefully it won't get lost or anything *crosses fingers*, but I suppose there's as much risk for that this way, then there is if I do it at Bi-Mart. We'll see. Just pray it goes well, because I believe these are from our trip to Belknap (I hope!).

Been trying to do some housework while I've been up. I got most of the dishes done, which actually was nice to do, since my hands were in nice, warm water. But the cleaning of the rest of the house didn't get very far, because it's too darn cold. I'm going to keep on going though, because it does need to be done. Even if it's done slowly. At least now I can take care of the laundry, since Dustin's not sleeping anymore. Didn't want to wake him earlier lol. Since he'd given me 3 hours more sleep then he said he was going to, he was pretty tired.
Well, I don't think I have anything else to report, really. So I'd better post this before they put everything on read only ^_~
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I'm seriously wondering if my landlady is insane! I get a note on my door today, which, in very nice words, says the painting is almost done outside. All yay and everything. However, the last thing they need to paint is our doors. And for that they need to be open for several hours before they can be closed again. Are they kidding me? They freakin' wait until it's almost 40 degrees Fahrenheit to paint the friggin' doors and expect us to have our doors open for hours and wait for them to dry?!? Oh, and if we're for some reason not home, we are to consider this the obligatory 24 hour notice of entry. Say what now? First of all, she doesn't have both our keys and I have a chain on my door (which we're not allowed to use, go figure). So if I really wanted to, I could make it very hard on her to enter my home. And oh yeah, by the way, they don't know when the painters are going to be there, so please be available. Which means, if you're not home, your door will be open for hours. With no one there to supervise, basically, because God forbid the woman actually do her job!
I'm so mad right now. I'm actually considering writing to the place that owns the appartments, and ask them if they were even thinking on this one. I mean, my heating bill is going to go up for the day because all of a sudden I have to heat the outdoors too, because they couldn't get off their asses and do this in the Summer, when it was nice and dry and warm? I don't think so! Or do they expect me to sit in my home and freeze? *grumbles* Of all the lame-brained things that have gone on since we've lived here, this one certainly does take the cake it seems. Please, God, when can we have our own home?

So, tomorrow, I'll have a note on my door, telling them to please knock and be patient, as I am sleeping! I'll be damned if I have to forego my sleep in order to sit around and wait for anyone to show up and God only knows what time. I'll thank them to wake me up, if they absolutely insist on doing this now, but at least I can get some rest. Dustin certainly needs to sleep. Thankfully, once he's at work tomorrow night, I can always go ahead and crash for a few hours.
Can I kick her? Please? Just once?
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My stove is here, my stove is here! And is shiney and new and digital! And it has 2 big burners and 2 small burners and a broilingpan and 2 racks! Yay!

Ok, how sad is it that all this excites me to no end *chuckles*

My stove is here!
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I just got this in my inbox from my MIL. I haven't personally checked, but it seems ligical enough to me. I'm wondering though if they even are aware of it at laundromates?? (Ok, spellig on that one lol) Might check mine here anyway. Don't fancy a fire-hazard in my frontyard.

Dryer Safety

I checked this out at ..................... it's true. 

I tried it on mine and it is right on the mark.  I cleaned mine right away.

I had a wonderful morning, the heating unit went out on my dryer!  Why does everything seem to fall apart this time of year!??? 
The guy that fixes things went in to the dryer pulled out the lint filter. It was clean. We always clean the lint from the filter after every load of clothes. He told us that he wanted to show us something.

He took the filter over to the sink, ran hot water over it.  Now, the lint filter is made of a mesh material - I'm sure you know what your dryer's lint filter looks like.

WELL......the hot water just sat on top of the mesh!!! It didn't go through it at all!!!

He told us that dryer sheets cause a film over that mesh that's what burns out the heating unit. You can't SEE the film, but it's there.  This is also what causes dryer units to catch fire potentially burn your house down with it!  He said the best way to keep your dryer working for a very long time (& to keep your electric bill lower) is to take that filter out & wash it with hot soapy water & an old toothbrush (or other brush) at least every six months.

He said that makes the life of the dryer at least twice as long!  How about that???!!!! Learn something new everyday!

I certainly didn't know dryer sheets would do that. So, I thought I'd share!

Note: I went to my dryer & tested my screen by running water on it.  The water ran thru a little bit but mostly collected all the water in the mesh screen.

I washed it with warm soapy water & a nylon brush & I had it done in 30 seconds. Then when I rinsed it the water ran right thru the screen!

There wasn't any puddling at all!

That repairman knew what he was talking about!


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I wish I had the money and the space to do some of the things I wish I could do. I so want to do trash to treasure stuff. According to this quiz I took on I have a classic style. But I also llike making old things new again and showing them off. I am itching to do some decorating, I'd love to re-do our appartment, but we don't have the funds. Not even trash to treasure. Nor do we have the room for me to tackle such projects, or the stuff to do it with even. I mean, I'm not going to sand by hand, you know lol. Ohh, that new Dremel would be nice. *sighs whistfully* I've just got so many ideas floating around in my head, and I can't do a thing with them. It's quite annoying you know.

Speaking of HGTV. [ profile] rhiannontherose, you try going on that show (yes, I know you don't have tv) Crafters Coast to Coast? You could show off how you make your wonderful leaf-jewelry, and get yourself out there at the same time. Of course, now with baby, not so good. But something to think about.

OK. I think I'll go to bed and torture myself to sleep. By that I mean I'll put HGTV on for a bit as I try to fall asleep.


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