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I just got a few icons, courtesy of [ profile] peaces_icons (where to I was directed by [ profile] mljm). Here's one of them. Still have tons of space left though
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I totally need an icon that depicts Geek/Fan stuff, with Geek written in somehow....No specific ideas, but...anyone up for the challenge? Maybe something SG related, even? Oh, and of course it has to have the positive Geekness, not the negative ^_~
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Looky looky, I made icon! ^_~
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Yay, I just got another icon, courtesy of [ profile] _holly ^_^
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I got a new icon, courtesy of [ profile] cherrydanish.
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So I've committed to "angel" for two people now. Quite exciting. I've been working alternatively on Prayer Shawls, and on something for the first person (I only accepted the second one this morning). I can't say what, since I can't risk her chancing on this blog. But so far, I'm liking it. I'll be making a copy of it for myself as well, I think. That is, after I've done the stuff for both people, and another swap.

Ohh, speaking of swaps, if someone has a good idea for an icon that'd be suitable to use for any entries about swapping, that'd be lovely. I don't have any set ideas right now, just that I'd like a special icon for it. Thanks! For now though, my current icon is inspiring me to make a cuppa! Mmm, tea! Chocolate tea, even!

Anyway, back to swapping. I've got a ton of ideas already, and I've only just begun. Not sure what I'll end up doing yet though, aside from what I'm already working on. Since both ladies got flaked on, I want to do a little more then what is required from their swap, normally. But it'll have to be done with whatever I have on hand, of course. That's part of the charm of swapping, in my opinion. As little shopping as possible, since I normally don't even splurge on myself lol.
Ok, I've got tea to make, and a project to finish.
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Wow, been a while since I last posted on this LJ. Mind you, haven't had much to write about on the crafting front, what with one thing and another going wrong (first my wrist, then my back). Anyway, I'm trying to learn to handsew right now. Been at it for the last 3 hours or so. I'm trying to make one of these. It's a lot smaller and more fidly then I thought it would be. I still had some of the fabric that I'd been given by [ profile] dpnjedi's mom when I was trying to learn to quilt. I figured it'd be a good type to use. However, it's turning out to be a lot harder because it keeps fraying like there's no tomorrow. I had hoped to make it smooth edged, but now I'm going to have to stitch on the outside instead, so I can fold the edges even more to the inside and, hopefully, prevent more fraying. So it's going to be even tinier! Ouh boy! The good news though, is that my hands are not hurting so much this time around. This is a good thing, because that means I can do more sewing by hand. Not that it's something I'll be doing a ton of, mind you. Because it is not very nice on my back, but still. It's nice to know it's something I can do from time to time. And don't worry, I'm not doing more then my back can handle, and am taking frequent breaks.
Hmm, I think I need a new icon lol. For the other crafts I do, besides knitting ^_^
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Yes. I have yet another new icon. This one is courtesy of [ profile] quietish, who made it herself and was nice enough to let me use it. Still looking for other cool icons.
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Yet another new icon, courtesy of [ profile] iconzicons. I still have room for...7 more, if I don't end up deleting some of my old ones that I never use anymore. So the requests made previously still stand, if anyone is so enclined to take them on ^_^
Hmm, note to self, I need to remember to not use default when showing new icons lol. Oh well. ^_^
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Speaking of icons.... would anyone be able to make me an icon of the following:

"General" Jar Jar Binks, when he and his Captain are surrounded by the droids and they say the following "Don't give up General Jar Jar, mesa think of something!" and Jar Jar raises his hands and goes "My give up!"

Animated in much the same fashion as my Gump icon would be cool. Thanks ^_^
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*squee!!!!!!!!!!!!* Look at the new icon [ profile] brightshadowsky made me!!! I asked her to make this one specially for me a few months ago, since I couldn't get the program to work for myself. Thank you, Nikki!!!
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Can someone make me an icon with all the different men playing Mr Darcy, switching between them (and ending with of course Colin), with the text "Will the real Mr Darcy please stand up?
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Teehee!!! I just got a new userpic *points*. It makes me giggle *giggles*. See ^_~. I want more icons. I just haven't a clue what kind though. I know I'd like a "squee" one, not sure what else. I like Charmed, P&P (obviously, on both counts), that sort of thing. [ profile] brightshadowsky is still making me my Forest Gump one (I think). But I've got room for about 9 more icons. As creative as I can be at times, I'm at a loss.

This icon was made by [ profile] amizada
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[ profile] _holly made me this new icon. It's her cat, Montey, giving some love to the Prayer Shawl I knitted for her a year or so ago. Isn't it cute ^_^? I'm putting it in both my journals.

ETA: gosh [ profile] _holly, I keep looking at the icon you made and I just get this feeling of utter comfort lol. He looks sooo peaceful and snuggly! Thank you again for making it for me ^_^ *snugs*
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Pippin has this thing the last two days, where he plays with the scratching pole. Big deal, you say? Well, it is, if the way he's playing means he lifts the darned thing and crawls underneath it *blinks*.  He'll also move it across the floor for no apparent reason. Silly cat!

Also, new icon ^_^
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Aaaaaaaand another icon ^_^
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Teehee, I just used the new icon factory and made this icon with Poekie ^_^. Only thing missing is the option to add text to it. Rawr!

ETA: Sweet!!! Someone just pointed me to this, so I could re-make my icon! I love it, I can make still icons myself now ^_^ *does a jig*. Still can't do moving ones, but this is cool too!
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Teehee, got a new icon ^_^
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Teehee, swiped this icon from [ profile] arianadream. Thanks again for letting me, [ profile] arianadream ^_^ *snugs*
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*grins* I got a new icon! Not sure how long it'll last me before it drives me nuts, but for now it's funny ^_^


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