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So yeah, the scarf won't be finished on time. I simply didn't have enough time to sit and knit my little heart out in order to get finished on time. And with us being away this weekend, there's no chance of it being done when the Olympics finish. Ahh well, I have it a good shot ^_^. I don't mind, really, this was something I was going to do anyway, and it'll get finished here soon. Especially since it's Trina's birthday present, and that's coming up next month already. And I still have to figure out how to make a hat and gloves too. Or at least, that's the aspiration.
I will be bringing my knitting with me this weekend, but I'm not counting on a heck of a lot of time to work on it.
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Np pictures right now, but wanted to give an update all the same. I've gotten through 2 trapped bars now on the HP-type scarf. I think it's looking pretty good. I already have ideas on what to do with it once I'm done knitting it. I also was considering making a matching hat and some fingerless gloves as well. Trina's birthday's coming up, so I think it'd make a nice gift for her. I feel pretty good about making this scarf. I even managed to figure out the logless jog *jiggies*. At some point though, I want to make a Gryffindor one for myself. But that's for the future.
By the way, I was wondering about something. How can the atypicallyknit pattern for the HP scarves be copyrighted, but there's a ton of places who sell handknit scarves using said pattern? Is it that easy to get the permission to sell them, or are they all violating the copyright?
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It has begun! I just started knitting on the HP-type scarf for Trina ^_^. I think I'll have enough yarn in the right colors *crosses fingers*. Wish me luck!
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Ok, so I'm not officially a part of any knitting olympics. But, I do like the idea behind it. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to join, as I didn't have anything to make on a scale big enough to last me 16 days, but I remembered the yarn that Trina had given to me, as well as the yarn that [ profile] rhiannontherose had sent me a while back. Both had given me Ducks colored yarn, though the greens do not match (gah for different color greens lol). I had thought of making her an afghan (her being Trina, as she's a Ducks fan). But I don't really want to deal with a project as big as a blanket right now.
Am I going anywhere with all of this? Why, yes, I am. I decided to try and make a school scarf, Harry Potter style. The first one's going to be a la third and fourth movies. The second one, if I have time, will be old school The first will be made with Trina's yarn, as it's a nice deep, dark green which will fit nicely. The other with [ profile] rhiannontherose, if there's enough, though I may throw in the other yarn for good measure. So yeah, I'll be doing my own knitting olympics lol. I know it'll be red heart yarn, but hey, I got it for free and it'd work well enough. Now, If only I have the right size needles! I have to find the pattern again as well, though I have it somewhere on here.
I've been winding balls all morning and I'm not done yet. Not my favorite job! But, I had to take a break. Once I'm done though, I'm starting (all be it late) on my project ^_^. Wish me luck ^_^


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