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I just learned a new word, courtesy of MasonDixon Knitting:


I like it, it fits very well, I think ^_~
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*squee!* In just over an hour I'm heading out to see the Yarn Harlot speak. She's speaking from 5.30pm until 8pm. I'm heading out early, because I don't know how busy it's going to be, or where exactly it's at inside the building. That, and I have to find parking, which might prove harder then normal, what with the Eugene Celebration starting. Yippie skippy to that.

So that's squee #1 anyway.

Squee #2: Dustin just put a closure on my knitting bag! That's right, ladies and gentleman. My knitting bag is now a proper knitting bag that can close and won't flop open all the time! I can know...use the damn thing without everything falling out! This makes me very happy! I wish I could show you what it looks like! Dustin picked out the buttons for it, one on the flap and one on the bag itself, with a leather cord to tie it together. It's pretty! *claps hands with glee* Now my bag is really something I can be proud to show off ^_^. By the way, every time I have taken it out somewhere, someone's complimented me on it. So cool!
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Bleh, had to return the ballwinder today. It kept falling apart! So they're ordering me a new one, since they were out of stock. Well, at least I was able to use it to get through the heap of yarn I've got at the moment. Oh well lol
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I just got a ballwinder! Talk about a useful gift ^_^. So guess what I'll be doing today? Yep, that's right. I'll be winding all that yarn I bought for the Prayer Shawl Ministry and making centerpull balls. Man, that's going to take a while... *sigh*. But it beats having to do it by hand! [ profile] dpnjedi,[ profile] needle_ninja, if you ever need to borrow it, let me know, you're more then welcome to do so ^_^.

ETA: [ profile] brightshadowsky, is it normal for the yarn to knot up when you're balling it. On the winder, I mean. I've had 3 balls now that I've had to re-do because they were bigger then they ought to be, and when I was re-doing them, they had several knots in them that hadn't been there when I first balled them. Ideas, hints, thoughts?

ETA2: Somehow, Bahn Frei played by Andre Rieu is a very apt piece of music to play when winding balls *chuckles*


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