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More over, I'm going to do a clean up of my F-list. It isn't personal, just that either you no longer update, or I just don't get to reading your LJ anymore. If you feel I've taken you off in error, leave a message ^_^
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Well, thanks to [ profile] brightshadowsky, I now have a nifty new layout for my LJ. Thanks Nikki! *snugs* We tried to figure out how to get screencaps for a new icon, but it eluded us. Hopefully when we're able to actually get together, we'll be able to figure it out. In the meantime...enjoy the new cool layout! I know I am ^_^.
Oh, FYI, the pictures on the sidebar represent my past and present and future (not in that order).
Top to bottom:
Dustin and me on our first anniversary.
Windmills in the Netherlands.
Belknap Hotsrings, Oregon.
Shops in London.
The lighthouse in BlÄvand, Denmark.

I love the new look, I told you there were going to be some changes ^_~.
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*grins* I got a new icon! Not sure how long it'll last me before it drives me nuts, but for now it's funny ^_^
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Just edited my F-list. I took off those people who I never see on here anymore. If I took you off, and you feel I shouldn't have, just send a friendly poke my way. This'll be a public post, for that purpose. Mind that it's nothing personal, just cleaning up.


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