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We Are Marshall.... if you haven't seen it yet, make it a point to do so stat. I challenge you to keep your eyes dry throughout it. I couldn't...
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OMGHarryPotterSpoiler..... (not really)

the movies are getting darker and Harry's not "in it" for the fun and awe of magic anymore.

This moment of "insight" is brought to you by....Roger Ebert, movie critic. I usually never read reviews. Ever. This morning though, I figured, what the heck. So I read his review on the new movie. I swear, I could have written a better review myself, without having watched any of the movies and going on nothing more then the previews for this one.
Yes, Harry Potter is getting darker. He just watched the man who killed his parents get back to his former self, and in the process watched a schoolmate get killed right in front of him!!! Now can we all please go "DUH, Mr Ebert!!!!!"? I would challenge anyone who (if, of course, any of it were real) had gone through that, to not come out less happy and "whimsical" as Ebert put it, and to have them be darker in their moods, thoughts and actions. Please, Mr Ebert, do us all a favor. Instead of saying you don't know how much darker the movies are going to get, and wondering whether they can "live on in the PG-13 world"....go read the books. And try to not sounds so ed-you-mah-kaited. Pleaseandthankyou.
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So Dustin and I watched the movie "The Fountain" yesterday. Both of us agree that it is a visually beautiful movie. But neither one of us got it. Our response to it was an overall "Huh??? O.o" Anyone seen it? Has anyone been able to "get" it? If so, please enlighten me.
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*chuckles* I know some of you balk at the thought of Rowling/Harry Potter being heralded for getting kids to read (personally, I think she definately helps, what with DVDs and stuff out there nowadays, but that's my opinion). But you gotta admit, that thanks to Rowling/Harry Potter, people have gotten into knitting. Big time! I just read yet another post on one of the Harry Potter knitting communities I'm on (yeah, I'm in a lot of communities, so what? ^_~), about someone who learned to knit because they wanted a House scarf. If you look back through the archives, you'd find a veritable ton of people who learned to knit, just so they could make themselves a scarf. Many of them have since gotten hooked (pardon the pun, since it's not just knitting, but crochet in some cases as well) on it since. It's kind of cool, really, if you think about it. A few books and a few movies, and knitting is hip and on the charts again. A whole new generation is learning a skill that was previously considered "uncool" (I remember back when I was in school, it was frowned upon. The only girl who was cool for knitting, was someone who made all her own clothes and made them so well, they looked like a designer had thought them up and made them. I mean, she was good! I used to be so jealous of her skills). Not only is it cool, but it's fast becoming a sought after skill (maybe not on a jobmarket, but certainly by various people).
Isn't it interesting how things like that work? What other books/movies/people have inspired such changes as far as skills/crafts go? Anyone? Bueller? (Why do I even use that term? I've never even watched the least, not more then a few minutes of it....)
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Woot! Went to the chiropractor today. He says that my back isn't herniated, but that it's an internal tear at the same disc. Which means it was close, but it also means that after some adjustments, my back is now hardly hurting anymore. I still need to be careful and I still need to do my exercises and stuff, but the prospect's a lot better then if it'd been fully herniated. And ohhh, it feels so good to be able to walk upright again without pain. Well, plain upright lol.
Anyway, I won't be checking LJ today, since I've been sitting down for way too long today already. We went and saw X-men 3 (yay for free movies and massaging lumbar support!). I can only say two things. Shocking. And WOW! See it, if you're at all into X-men! Really! See! I'm using exclamation marks! It's that good! ^_~ Ok, I'll stop now lol. I'm off to the floor! The floor, and Angel ^_~
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There's something to be said for watching a movie on your own. No one complains when I talk along with the movie ^_~. Dustin hates when I speak the lines, andI enjoy it (at times). I'm watching Harry Potter for the umpteenth time and am going right along with it *chuckles*

Bah, stupid period started today. No wonder I've been feeling bleh all day, and yesterday too. Blah, I say! Can't wait for it to be over and done with.
By the way, if anyone's been wondering about the new Mr. Clean thingy to clean bathrooms with (you know, the ones with the stick and stuff?), I can tell you that that thing works! I cleaned my tub this morning, and it's cleaner now then it was before we moved in, which is a scary thought. I could've gotten it better still, but my back started to bitch too much. But yeah, I'm glad I got it. Will make things a little easier from now on.  And so ends my plug for a cleaning product *chuckles*
OK, back to Harry Potter (the first, in case you were wondering). And a cup of tea...maybe a piece of chocolate.


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