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Now, I've made the voodoo gloves for Trina, and one pair for Stephanie and now I'm making a pair for me. For some reason, I had it in my head that I had to knit until 6", make the buttonhole and knit 1 more inch. I go to check the pattern again, only to find out it's 7-7.5" before the buttonhole! Now don't get me wrong, I read an dre-read the pattern before ever even starting on the first pair, and I kept checking it while making every single pair. So why, oh why did I get stuck with 6"??????? Not that it's a bad thing, they're just a bit shorter, and certainly the two ladies won't know any different anyway, but dangit, I checked! I know. I know better. *sigh* Oh well.... I'd better go and knit the last of my one glove.....
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*snugs* [ profile] elfie_chan. Thanks for coming online today and helping me out with the hat! I'm about halfway done, I think, but my pain PMs just kicked in, so I'm calling it quits for today. Don't want to screw it up. So far, so good though. I am pleased. I'm hoping to finish the hat tomorrow, then I'll weave in all the ends of the various stuff I've been making for Trina, and then picture taking shall ensue *nods firmly*. Once this is done though, that means that in the last month I will have made and finished one Harry Potter type scarf, a couple of fingerless gloves and a hat. Again, I am pleased ^_^. I'm thinking that 2006 has been a highly productive year so far, and it's only the beginning of March!
I still have to finish the shirt I started last year though, but I've allowed myself to get sidetracked by these latest projects, since they're for Trina's birthday, which is later this month. Summer, after all, is a bit further away still ^_~.  In other words, once I'm done with these gifts, I'll be working on the shirt (most likely), and I will also be making another attempt at socks.
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[ profile] yarnpirate, help? I'm trying to find a pattern that's easy enough to make. Ok, for a hat, that might help lol. I have never knitted one before and wanted to make one for Trina to go with the scarf. Yes, that does include the house-stripes, too, but I'm thinking I can figure that part out myself. I've checked out Knitty, but am unsure of the patterns. Help????? Also, I'm hoping to have enough yarn left over for some matching gloves/mittens/fingerless gloves (not sure but kinda like the ones on knitpicks?), any ideas???? I forgot to ask while I was overthere *smacks self*
adendum: patterns need to be free, since between now and when her birthday is (later this month *gulp*) I won't be able to buy any. Thank you so much for helping ^_^
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Oh my gosh! Elisabeth Lavold has two new books out. They're to drool over!


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