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Gotta share teh cute!

teh cute

(courtesy of @americnxidiot)
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pictures for Sewpixie )

These are old pictures, but I was asked for some of my favorites, so here they are ^_^
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Ok, folks, as promised, the latest picture ) of Dustin and I
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My first kitty, Poekie
Rawr! )
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Well, here's some more kitty cuteness )
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FO )

As for what else I've been up to...not a whole lot. At least nothing besides Prayer Shawls. Mind you, haven't been doing any crafting lately, as my arm's been acting up again. Hopefully I can get back to it again soon though. I've got several shawls lined up already that have been requested, and there's a few other projects in the wings still.
Heh, I just realized that in the background of those pictures is the afghan I made for Dustin. I don't think I ever made a picture of it. It still needs the ends tucked in, but maybe some day when I get around to it, I'll take pictures of it properly. For now, you'll have to make do with what you get ^_~
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Noooo! More pictures? )
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WYSIWYG isn't so bad when you want to write and put in pictures *chuckles*. Though I don't think I'll use it at other times, I think I like HTML better. Anyway!
Again with the pictures! )

My back has been killing me all day long. Between my period last week and being so busy getting ready for the fair and then being at the fair, my back is not happy. I should count my lucky stars though, because if it hadn't been for the gym, I'd have already been in trouble and gotten another disc herniated. As it stands now though, I'm close to it, but not there yet. Which means I just have to take things easy for a while. If, by Wednesday, my back isn't any happier, I'll have a talk with Steve about my training, because it'll need to be altered until my back is better again. Shouldn't be a problem though, I don't think.
I did take painmeds and sleeping aids this morning to help me sleep, tired as I was. I also, for the first time ever, turned all the phones off. We were incommunicado for the day. And I'm very glad I did that. I didn't wake up until 7pm-ish. Late, granted, but we both needed the sleep after this last week. Dustin did wake me up around 10am though, when he went to bed, because he was really loud coming into the bedroom. He scared me half to death, and then asks why I got scared *blinks*. Gee, I wonder why! I was asleep already, and then there's loud noises all of a sudden. You tell me why I was scared awake *chuckles*.

As you might have surmised, I have Trina's camera again, yippie! She stuck to her guns and got the camera back from Matthew, which means I can use it again. I'm going to try and take better pictures of the stuff we made for the fair and put them up. I'm also going to try and see about selling some of it on either ebay or one of the communities on LJ. Would be nice to get rid of them. I don't need 3 candy wreaths, after all. ^_~
It'll be nice to be able to take pictures again. I like the fact I have a camera phone and all, but the quality of those pics isn't as good as I'd like my pictures to be. So yeah, I'm a happy camper at the moment ^_^. Watch out for more pictures in the near future!

I think that's about as much excitement as I have to offer for today though. I'm having a lazy day today, and dangit I've earned it ^_~
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Yippie!! I have pictures!
First, some craft fair stuff, the necklaces are Dustin's and the rest is mine; then
2 new cat pics (yes, I know Arwen's pic is really dark) and
3 new family pics. Yes, that's my newest nephew and his mommy, cute huh ^_^.
And also 3 new area pics (we had a replica of the Vietnam Wall over for a visit. It was very impressive and ..not quite sure how to explain how I felt)

That was about it for now. Will have more pictures soon, promise! Just have to ge them from Dustin's phone, but it's almost out of battery lol. I know they're not the best quality pictures, but at least I can show stuff again. Huzzah for picture phones ^_^


Oct. 30th, 2005 04:40 pm
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So at 3.30pm we hopped in the car to meet Janet and then head out to stand in line for the Newsboys concert. We got there a little after 4pm and there was already a line. We got there early enough though to be assured good seats. We had brought chairs and food, but got told (not just as) that the chairs had to go. So Dustin took them back to the car and we got to stand in line until 6pm. Ouch! My back was not happy. We got to eat some of our food before we got told that no outside food and drink would be permitted, so Dustin made another run to the car to drop off the bag of stuff. Oh well. We met some people in line who asked us if we wanted another ticket as they had an extra one. I tried getting a hold of someone who'd want to go, but no luck. We ended up spotting a guy with a sign asking for tickets, and they sold it to him, cheaper then they'd paid for it themselves, out of the goodness of their heart. About 5 minutes later the b****** stood on the other side of the street, selling tickets! He had about 5 of them. Grrr! I got so mad! You just don't do that, especially not at a Christian concert for pity's sake! *sigh*
At 6pm they opened the doors, and Tanja made it just in time to go in with us. Dustin and I ran upstairs and secured an entire row for all of us. So we all got to sit down, and in good seats too, woot!
The opening act was some local folksinger. I couldn't understand a word he was saying/singing, so was a bit bored with it. The last 2 songs though were cool, mainly because the singer and organist of the Newsboys came on stage and played with him, which was cool. That singer can drum! lol
After about a 20 interlude the Newsboys came on stage to play. I couldn't understand the first song as it was very, very loud and noisy. It disappointed me to say the least, as it wasn't what I had expected. However, the second song was one I could somewhat hear and recognize. I actually ended up crying during the sogn, as I tried to sing along. I don't even really know why, but all of a sudden...*shrug*. After that I had an easier time understanding them, though it was still very loud. I don't think I've ever been in a place that loud before. Takes some getting used to.
They were totally awesome though. Especially in the middle bit when they stopped playing, and the singer started to talk. I didn't know they would do that, but it was great. The singer has a very distinct style about him, in every sense of the word. Very appealing (is that the word for it? You know..when you can help but listen kind of thing).
Then after a prayer they started playing again and everyone really joined in, so cool! After a couple of songs they went off stage and it looked like that was that. But everyone was really loud and they came back and did a few more songs. It seemed like every song after they went off stage was more and more energetic and riveting. I loved it. And all too soon, it was over.
I would have changed two things about last night. I'd have liked an opening act I could actually understand, and not have the 20 minutes inbetween acts. It kind of cooled down the crowd. Mind you, I was grateful for the break as it meant I could make a potty-run, but still. Everything else though...way cool and an experience and a half for sure. I'm so glad we went! It makes me want to go to Creation that much more. I'd definately go to another concert like this again though.

**edit** Here are some pictures Janet took at the concert.


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