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I knew there was a reason why I wanted to have shawls on hand! I just got a prayer request for an 11-year old girl who's been fighting cancer most of her life. She's fighting for her life right now and could use all the prayers we can muster. I just talked with the lady who has connections with the girl and she was thrilled that I had a shawl to give her. She should be picking it up some time tonight. I wish I had a more colorful one to give then bordeaux, but alas, that's not the case at the moment. Oh, I'm going to be knitting a lot again I think, so I can have more shawls waiting. It seems to me like there have been many, many prayer requests for cancer and the like lately, and I just can't keep up. I'm pleased that we have more people starting in the ministry, but we still need more, and faster knitters/crocheters!

ETA: I managed to get the shawl to the lady who is taking care of the little girl. She told me she's taken a turn for the worse, and they've asked all family to come and be at the hospital. They're praying for a miracle.
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Blah! I waisted two trips now, trying to get a Prayer Shawl to someone. Not very happy about that. I hope tomorrow I'll have better luck, if not, I guess I'll be lugging the shawl to church every time I go, in the hopes of hooking up with her. *sigh*
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Finished another Prayer Shawl just a few minutes ago. While doing so, I realized that yes, I do have something worth swapping for the community [ profile] knitswap, that [ profile] brightshadowsky directed me to. I just posted there, so here's hoping someone'll bite and I get a good deal ^_^. Would be nice to get rid of some of the stuff I have an won't ever use, and get some nice yarn for it instead. I don't think I have any more yarn left for making more shawls at the moment, so instead I shall do some stash busting until about a week from today. That means I'll be pumping out a few scarves this week lol. Oh, I just remembered something I could swap for as well, or ask for at least...bigger needles! *scurries over to add it to the post* *scampers back again* Actually, never mind. That's the sort of thing I'd rather buy for myself, so I can get exactly what I want, how I want it......
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*jiggies* I finished the two shawls I had lying around. They're fringed and have the ends all tucked in. One I gave to my neighbour to pray over, since I made it for her kid sister. The other I put in the closet for now, pending picture taking sometime this week. And I'm knitting on yet another shawl as well, which is about halfway done now. All in all, a pretty productive day.
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Here's a very fuzzy picture of me wearing the latest shawl I made:shawl )
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I have been a knitting fiend this last week. I've been working hard on my turtleneck sweater, and I'm almost done with the front. Just stuck on the neck of it, but hopefully I'll be able to get with [ profile] brightshadowsky soon and figure it out.

Aside from that, I've finally put together the sweater I started last year, and Trina's stopping by tonight and hopefully is going to show me how to do the edging, so that'll be finished too.

I finished the prayer shawl I've been working on for ages, and gave it away last Sunday. She loved it.

I started knitting a bag out of the red acrylic yarn that [ profile] needle_ninja gave me ages ago. The body of it is done and I know how I'll do the shoulderstrap. Once that's done, I am going to line it with fabric, so it won't sag and stretch. I learned how to pick up stitches on this one, which is cool.

I've been working on the BBBB I started ages ago and have not gotten very far yet. Not even halfway, but oh well.

Uhm, I think that's it. Still, a very productive week. Hopefully I can finish both sweaters fully this week, so I'll have something new to wear. I've got a ton of ideas for other stuff to make. Among other things, a bag out of the wool that [ profile] brightshadowsky/[ profile] yarnpirate and I recycled. And ohhh have I got ideas for sweaters! I'm starting to get a grasp of patterns now, so watch out! I just can't seem to stop knitting lately. Though I should start up with some of the other crafts I've got going soon.

I will try and post pictures though, once I have a camera available. Until then, I'm afraid you'll have to take me on my word ^_~
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*blinks* I just went and checked...I've made 19 shawls since December!!! Yipes, I've been a busy girl!
Speaking of shawls, I finished the one for Lesa this weekend, and I finished the one for Bobbi not 15 minutes ago. Next up is one for Kim. No rest for the wicked, and the rightious don't need none ^_~
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So I finished the shawl I was supposed to have done this weekend. Only to find out its recipient won't be in town after all. Oh well, at least it's finished. And people got to pray over it. Kathy (Lesa's mom) loved the shawl and showed it off to everyone who'd stand still long enough to see it ^_^ Kinda cute, really.

I also told Bobbi I was making her a shawl and showed her the yarn for it. By golly, the woman began to cry! She was just so touched I was making her a shawl. I told her I had chosen red because 1. it's a color she wears a lot, and 2. because it's a color of courage. And I think that she's showing courage by stepping out on faith and opening up a new place of business which will be quite a bit bigger then what she's had so far. So I just hugged her a while. She's so sweet, and I'm so glad I'm able to do this thing for her.

I know this is a blessing, I know this is a good thing, but boy am I beginning to get overwhelmed by the Prayer Shawl Ministry already! I need to get more knitters/crocheters involved, because I have somewhere between 5-10 shawls in queue already, and every week more requests seem to be coming in. I have about 10 people or so in the ministry with me, but 2 others aside, they all have full time jobs, or have kids and school and what not. They hardly have time to make the shawls. I know one of the ladies who's got a lot of time and is a relatively fast knitter is currently on vacation, so I can't ask for her help at the moment. I'm not sure if the other one's come back from vacation yet or not. Which means that I'm bearing the brunt of the requests at the moment, and I'm beginning to drown in them. Forget having time to knit for myself. I don't. Definately need to put out a cry for more people. Just have to figure out how to go about it so people will actually come and join in. I knew this was going to be a growing ministry, but boy this is booming way quicker and bigger then even I dreamed of. God is good! ^_^
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Yarn-age!!! I've gotten yarn for 2 more shawls today, weee!! I also got a hold of a sweater thingy for hanging them up in the closet. But, instead of sweaters, I put in my yarn ^_^ All nice and organized and easy to get to. Now all I need to do, since I'm acquiring so much yarn for so many shawls (thanks to donations), I need to figure out a system so I can keep track of which yarn will be for which shawl and which person. *ponders*. Any ideas anyone?

*squeels and jumps for joy* [ profile] needle_ninja is learning to knit socks!! Yay ^_^. Hopefully at some point in the foreseeable future she can teach me to knit them as well. I've been wanting to learn for so long now. So much potential! ^_^
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I finished the shawl!!! I can't believe I managed to do so on time, but I did! *sighs in relief* And with a bit of time to spare even ^_^. Now I just have to start on Lesa's shawl, so that can be given by the end of next week, and then I can relax a little bit again. Though I did get a call this morning with a request for yet another shawl, but it's not an urgent one, so I'm not too worried. I don't even have the yarn for it yet. The plan is to finish this next shawl and then work on something else for a little while, as a break from all the shawls. Then finish the one I was working on before and then work on which ever shawl happens to have to go next.
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*sighs* I balled the yarn for the shawl, so I could get started. I went and began to cast on, only to find the yarn snagging on my new bamboo needles! There's a splinter on it, and I can't get rid of it. I'm going to try and take it back tomorrow, see if they'll swap it for another one. Have to make sure to check my other bamboo needles, so I won't have the same problem with those. Sucks though, because now I have to knit hurriedly to get the shawl finished I already was working on. Bleh. Hopefully they'll swap, but in the a knitting I go!


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