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I might just be too dumb to get this but...can someone please explain this to me? How can it not be a good idea to buy forever stamps?????? *scratches head in confusion*
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[ profile] brightshadowsky, could you link me to that tutorial again for the stretchy bind off? I remember it had a few things on it, but the one I used was with a sewingneedle... I can't quite remember how to go about it, and can't find the paper I printed out. Thanks!
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So I just picked up 4 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay at St Vincent dePaul's. It has something on it that looks like either styrophoam or something glittery. Please tell me I did just skore some good yarn, and not some icky bugs or something!
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Uhm.... is it right that when I start the heel turning bit, that when I've "consumed all stitches" on the knit side, I still have some left on the purl side?????? I've just done as it said (at least, I think I have), and am left with 4 stitches on the purl side. Did I do something wrong????
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Is it just me? I'm trying to understand something. It's about copyright. I know that patterns are copyrighted. I can understand this, to a certain extent. My limit of understanding comes in with patterns such as this or more so this. It seems to me that these patterns are sooooo simple, so generic, that they can't possibly be so unique that they can really be copyrighted. These are tubes. Knit in the round. You use small cables or just plain knit/purl. This is stuff I'd have come up with myself, pattern wise. The only thing I needed the Voodoo pattern for was to figure out sizing and to re-learn buttonholes.
So explain to me, if you please, howcome I can't make stuff like this and sell them, without being in violation of a copyright?????? I'd really like to know.

Oh, speaking of patterns... I had a request for a pattern for the black hat I made. Since I made up the pattern for it, I couldn't give it to them. I'm hoping to try and make one though, but will need some help. [ profile] yarnpirate??????
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[ profile] brightshadowsky, would this yarn be good to make any of the sweaters from the Viking Knits??????????? Do you have any other Knitpicks suggestions??? Thanks, I just can't wrap my head around the gauge at the moment....
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I need some help! I've made a HP type scarf and want to put a patch on it. Far as I can tell, it's one of those iron on ones, however, it came without instructions. And I can't seem to get it to go onto the scarf. This is where I could use your input. How do I get the patch onto the scarf? Once it's on there I will try to sew it on to make sure it won't come off again, but right now the patch is too tough for me to get a needle through. Thanks!
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[ profile] brightshadowsky, can you explain how to do this...I know I'm probably making it a lot harder on myself then I need to (don't I always?), but it just won't compute for me and I can't seem to find something more laymen then this:

Bobble increase
K1, yo, k1, yo, k1 all into the same stitch.
*Reverse knitting and work these 5 sts.
Repeat from * 4 times.
Pass second, third, fourth and fifth sts on RH needle over last st made.


Never mind, just stumbled upon a video showing how to make them, brilliant!

ETA: never mind alltogether, since I apparently won't be using the bobbles at all. Just to clarify, I'm making a hat, no pattern, just making it up as I go along. I was thinking about putting bobbles in, but they don't seem inclined to appear. No, I'm not having a problem with them, they just don't want to be in the hat. It's a muse thing ^_~. Plus, this way I should be able to wear it either way. It'll be a simple thing, but eh, that's ok. I can continue to experiment with patterns any time, learn new stitches and all that jazz. Right now, I want a hat, because it was cold out there this morning ^_~
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Bloody hell, why can't they make instructions understandable! Anyone able to help me figure out how to do this??????? I can't figure out what the hell they mean. Argh!!!!! And while you're at it, please tell me how I'm supposed to make the buttonhole where they say to pick up stitches, if I'm knitting in the round????? *is thuroughly agitated*. I hate pattern instructions

**edit** I went to [ profile] knitting and asked for help there as well. Luckily for me, there were a few people online and willing and able to help out. I've made the buttonhole now and it seems to have worked out ok. Thanks though ^_^
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[ profile] yarnpirate, help? I'm trying to find a pattern that's easy enough to make. Ok, for a hat, that might help lol. I have never knitted one before and wanted to make one for Trina to go with the scarf. Yes, that does include the house-stripes, too, but I'm thinking I can figure that part out myself. I've checked out Knitty, but am unsure of the patterns. Help????? Also, I'm hoping to have enough yarn left over for some matching gloves/mittens/fingerless gloves (not sure but kinda like the ones on knitpicks?), any ideas???? I forgot to ask while I was overthere *smacks self*
adendum: patterns need to be free, since between now and when her birthday is (later this month *gulp*) I won't be able to buy any. Thank you so much for helping ^_^
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recipe request: mom, do you have the recipes still for boterkoek and kokoskoek? If so, could I have them, please? I've been craving them for weeks now
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Np pictures right now, but wanted to give an update all the same. I've gotten through 2 trapped bars now on the HP-type scarf. I think it's looking pretty good. I already have ideas on what to do with it once I'm done knitting it. I also was considering making a matching hat and some fingerless gloves as well. Trina's birthday's coming up, so I think it'd make a nice gift for her. I feel pretty good about making this scarf. I even managed to figure out the logless jog *jiggies*. At some point though, I want to make a Gryffindor one for myself. But that's for the future.
By the way, I was wondering about something. How can the atypicallyknit pattern for the HP scarves be copyrighted, but there's a ton of places who sell handknit scarves using said pattern? Is it that easy to get the permission to sell them, or are they all violating the copyright?
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Maybe I'm just totally out of the loop... but I've been hearing about this knit along and the other, and I'm wondering what the point of a knit along is. Am I the only one that doens't "get" them?
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I've noticed a few times now the mention of steeking, and people cutting up their knitting. This scares me and makes me wonder why they'd do such a thing. Anyone?
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I have a question for you. With just about everyone being on a diet for one reason or another, how good of a gift is a food gift. Really? I just got one of those booklets in the mail with all the yummy food items to gift and it just made me wonder. I honestly don't know at this point how I'd react to getting a food gift. I always used to love it, still do, really. I think it's awesome, especially if something is homemade or special bought. But with trying to loose weight right now, I'm not at all sure if I could handle getting something food-y. I don't want to offend the giver, but most likely it would be something I couldn't eat anymore. And'd be sooo tempting to "just this once".
So yeah, what's your opinion? I suppose I could've made this into a poll or something, but then you'd have to reply anyway to say why you think yes or no lol. So let's do this the old fashioned way ^_~

And speaking of food...I really wish I'd bought some of that chocolate tea I had at the tearoom. I'm dying for some chocolate right now. *scampers off to make some regular tea*
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Has any of you ever heard of this product, or, better yet, ever used it? Is it any good? Is it easy to use (as in, would an idiot like me be able to use it. And yes, when it comes to programs like this, I'm an idiot)?I know it's a free program, but even so, would it be worth my time to get??????? Feedback, if you please ^_^
Oh, and last but not least, because I'm not sure I'm understanding things right on the page itself, would this be useable to make icons with??? And stuff like that, of course.
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Can someone tell me why I can't listen to anymore? Ever since Firefox and Norton were installed, I've been unable to get to the listen live part of the site. It's pissing me off, because I want to listen to some Dutch music, and this is the one station I like listening to.I miss my Dutch DJ's!
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Hey, [ profile] brightshadowsky, quick question for you. The yarn I'm using for my turtleneck says it has a gauge of 22mm = 10cm in stockinette stitch, if knitted on a 3.5-4 needle.  Would that mean that I wouldn't be able to get the same gauge if I were to use this yarn instead for the same item???? Would you have any other suggestion for substitute yarns from Knitpicks? Or even substitute yarn for the tank from Vikings Knit??????????????
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I wore my new sweater today to church and got loads of compliments from people. I feel so proud ^_^ And very pleased, of course. Didn't get any pictures taken though, so that'll have to keep. Even Trina loved how it worked out with the edging. When she showed me how to do it, she had her doubts, but now she loves it. May have to look into seeing if I can find some yarn that'd work for her and make her one as a gift or something. There's always birthdays and Christmas.
Speaking of gifts, Teresa and Earl said that when they've got the money, they'd buy some yarn as a belated birthday present. I'm happy that they're willing to do so, but in all honesty I'll believe it when I see it. No offense to them, but I've been down that road before with her. Oh well, if she does come through this time, it'd be really neat! There's a ton of stuff out there I want to make. Ohhhh the possibilities!
Speaking of possibilities. [ profile] elfie_chan, I know you told me about, but here's another good website for yarn. They even have the Debi Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk yarn, for only $5.99, on sale! Cheapest I've seen it yet.

I've gotten quite far with my bag. I think I'm almost there. I'm running out of the grey wool though, but I'm ok with that. Only need a little bit more, I think. Hey, [ profile] brightshadowsky, do you think it'd work out ok to knit a flap onto the bag before felting????? I'm not worried about it covering the whole thing, because I don't want it to anyway, but I'm more concerned about the blocking of the bag afterwards, and also about the flap getting stuck during felting. Any input? Same goes for the strap, by the way. Decided I want it felted as well, not going for the leather. Am getting a very definate idea of what I want it to look like, but not sure if it can, if you know what I mean lol.
Still need to get together with you online or over the phone about that sweater. Think I will re-read the pattern and see where I left off, maybe I can figure it out for myself now I've put it aside for a few days. I'll let you know, ok?

Yeah, I think that's enough craft babble for now. Can anyone tell I'm excited to be able to wear my own work? ^_^


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