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Don't have a whole lot to write about, really. I'm taking it easy today, or rather, I have been, lol. Been very tired (I'm wondering if my period is lurking again...), mind you, not getting very much/good sleep probably isn't helping matters much either. I have been dutifully doing dishes though, blergh.

I've been having a hunkering for lavender scones (after a conversation with [ profile] whytegrrrl), and I've looked for a recipe for it, but have drawn a blank thus far. Anyone happen to have a good one??? I've been on a baking kick lately lol. Mind you, I'm getting a bit tired of cookies and stuff, even if they're the "better" ones, with oatmeal and stuff. Speaking of recipes. Anyone have anything good to share that's handy enough to eat in the car??? I'm open to try most things. Thanks ^_^.

I'm hoping I'll be up for going to see Pirates tomorrow, and Dustin too, for that matter. Otherwise it won't be until Thursday. *sigh* I want to see it already, dangit!
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I thought some of you might be interested in the recipe I used for the Vanishing Oatmeal Raisin Cookies ).

They turned out yummy, and they're utterly impossible to not keep eating. I gave one to my neighbour yesterday and this morning she tells me that she had intended on breaking it in half and saving the one half, but she could not do it. It is more-ish, I tell you!
Yes, this is a recipe off of the lid of Quaker Oatmeal, but it's yummy none the less. I think this'll be my "family recipe" from now on *giggles*.
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recipe request: mom, do you have the recipes still for boterkoek and kokoskoek? If so, could I have them, please? I've been craving them for weeks now
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Hey mom, do you still have that recipe for Sate sauce lying around? If so, can I have a copyof it? My friend Janet's been trying to make a satay sauce for me and has a ton of them, but they're not as good as yours always was and I want her to try it. Thanks


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