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Just found this on [ profile] craftgrrl. Check it out!

Ok, so the linking didn't work, so here's the actual site
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I finished the pillow! I'm so proud of it, and I dearly wish I could show it off. I hope the girl I'm sending to, likes it as much as I do. I almost don't want to give it up.
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I've been working on something for one of the swaps all day today. Well, all my waking time, pretty much. I've had a bad headache all day (well, one of those now it's bad, now it's dull, now it's bad again kinda thing). I've been dead tired as well. The "no sleep" thing is catching up on me hardcore. But still, I have to get this done. I actually did most of the sewing already. It's looking prtty good, especially for my firs time behind the sewing machine on my own. Though the fabric did pull a bit more then I would've liked. Dustin says it looks ok though. I've pinned down the thingamajigger I'm putting on it (sorry, too tired to think of the name of it right now) and begun sewing it to the fabric, I'd say I'm about 1/4 way done with that. Once it's on, all that needs doing is sewing the sides together and putting in the pillow.
None of which will happen right now. It's going to have to wait until tomorrow, which sucks. I was hoping to be able to send it out then, but it may have to wait until Friday, unless I can manage to finish it off afterall. We'll see. It's not really due for another week anyway, but I'd have liked to be able to ship everything out in one go. I am actually pretty pleased with everything I've done so far. Not just for this swap, but for the others as well, and for the craft fair. I've been a busy little girl these last few weeks. It's been very nice though, especially because this has made me work on things I normally push aside in order to knit the shawls. Felt good to stretch my horizons a bit again.
Right now though, I think I'd better try and sleep for a few hours (or however long my body'll let me sleep. That's always up for debate). Crafting shall continue in the morning again.
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Would I really need to get hold of a pattern in order to sew up a yoga bag? Mind you, I still don't know if my machine works, or know how to sew, but it's one of the projects I'd like to try and tackle first. You know, to get the hang of it?
I've seen some yoga bags, and they seem pretty simple to me, and I've got a few things I'd like to make sure to have with mine. Please assure me in that it really isn't very hard to just wing? The main thing I'm not sure of would be the lining. But I'm hoping that Trina can help me with that (if she doesn't flake on me..again).

I want to do more knitting as well (when don't I?). But for some reason, my arm's acting up again. It's been doing that from time to time ever since I pulled that muscle a few months ago. Sucks big time, because there's a lot I want to finish. Prayer Shawls among them, of course, but also the scarf for Treanna, so I free up the needles I need to finish my T-shirt finally. I'm not sure I did myself a favor by putting my Shawl yarn in the entertainment center (believe it or not, only place I had for it lol). Because now it's just sitting there, taunting me every day. *sigh* Ahh well.


Aug. 28th, 2005 11:41 pm
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I'm going nuts from not being able to do any crafting. I hope this is over soon so I can get back to doing what I love to do.
I've been agonizing myself just now over all the sewing patterns out there. There's a ton of stuff I want to do. I've come to one conclusion, however. I think I will have to start with sewing baby and kids clothing. That way, it takes little fabric, thus is cheaper and will teach me the skills needed to sew for myself. And it's not like I don't have anyone to give the end products too, since several of my friends and acquaintances either are pregnant or have kids already, not to mention, of course having a few nephews and a niece who can also be victim of my endeavours. It just makes more sense to me to do it this way. I don't much fancy spending a ton of money on fabric, only to find out that I've done something wrong and it won't fit me. Better to learn the necessary skills on smaller projects, and then graduate to bigger and better projects. Projects for me, for example. The trick will be convincing Dustin of this though lol. I'll manage. It's not like I'll be able to do anything any time soon anyway.
Damn it all, why must there be so much out there that looks like such fun to try!
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Ack! I haven't knitted since the weekend! Saturday, I think. I did a little bit this morning, but other then that, nada! And I've got 3 shawls that need finishing. Mind you, I've been keeping myself fairly busy with other stuff and I've been very sore the last few days, but still. Must knit! Especially since I've told myself I am not allowed to continue working on my sweater until at least 2 of them are done, fringe and all. Not that I could work on it right now, even if I did want to have the chance. I need [ profile] brightshadowsky's help before I can do that ^_^. Hence the deadline ^_~

It's kind of weird. I'm really wanting to do some sewing, but for some strange reason, I'm finding myself intimidated by the sewingmachine. Yes, I do believe I can honestly say that I kind of fear the darned thing. And I must say, I don't like that feeling one bit. It doesn't do me much good to ask Dustin for help either, because he's not up for much of anything these days, especially not with his working fulltime (or near) now. Which means I'm on my own in trying to figure that thing out. And I don't even remember how to thread it, or how to put thread on a bobbin. I have a very vague recollection of the latter, but.......*sigh*.


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