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I can't believe this. I've been up for nearly 21 hours! And am only now getting really tired. Mind you, the wine I've been drinking might've helped a bit with that one, but still......... Normally I'm fast asleep by now! Off to bed I go! *waves*
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Have I ever mentioned just how much I loathe roadwork????? Remember them working on the road by my house? Well, they're doing it again. Right infront of my block. So when I went to take Dustin to work just now, I had to drive all the way to 73rd in order to get home. Mind you, I live on 62nd! Gah! And of course, they're working nights again. So between the noise they're making at night, and the noise the people working on the roof are making during the day, guess who's not getting any sleep. That'd be me. I'm not a very happy camper right now.
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*wipes sweat off face* Man, even with the A/C on it's in the 80's inside! I'm soo warm, and I can't even do what I did yesterday (ie. shed clothes), since they're working on the appartment and the window is not covered due to the A/C. So yeah, little relieve today again. I don't care if they do say it's not record setting heat, it's still too damn hot in here. No way we're sleeping in the bedroom tonight. Couch it will be again, unless Trina brings an airmattress like she said she would.
Haven't done any chores today. Need to try get some done tomorrow though, laundry, so I can get cooler clothes on again. Did do a few dishes, but..meh.
Ok, I'm going back to my sock! Am waiting for dinner. I'm actually hungry. Might be because I haven't had anything to eat today, really.
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I'm so tired right now it's not even funny. I want to go to sleep. Why don't I, you say? Because they're doing the roof right now (and will be for the next 2 weeks!!!!!). So a lot of loud noise, right over my head. I am not amused. Especially since this was supposed to have been done last year! Our old manager gave us a notice in springtime, letting us know that the appartments would all be painted and the roofs re-done. The painting, as some of you may recall, ended up taking most of the year, not finishing until it was too cold to really keep your doors open, but we weren't allowed to close them for fear of them being painted shut. I told our new manager this, and she was shocked. At least this time, when we got the notice, it actually started the day she said it would. Now I can only hope it'll actually end when they're supposed to, too.

I think I'm going to try and lay on the couch. If I'm lucky, I may just pass out after all.


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