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Woot! Haven't gotten a lot done that's on my to do list still, but instead I got something else done. We finally have a futon-type thingy under our matrasses, so we now sleep higher up and are no longer just on the floor. It's not as good as a proper bedframe, but a heck of a lot better. At least, that's what we are hoping for anyway. Still have to try sleeping on it of course. Also got the bedroom vacumed, and laundry's in the process of being done. All in all, a good day. Though I will admit that my back's screaming at me right now. There's no more help to be had from Dustin, as he's hurting too much to move right now, and has just now also fallen asleep on the couch. Couldn't keep himself awake any longer, I guess. Not surprising, given the week he's had.
Hey, at least I got stuff accomplished today, so I'm happy. I have to stay up so I can go to a meeting at church tonight, but after that I'm looking forward to conking out. In the meantime, I'm trying to keep myself occupied with dishes and LJ. Might do some knitting later, if Dustin'll give me room enough to sit down lol.

**edit** Well, no knitting for me. He's splayed all over the couch, as usual. But, I did finish the laundry. On an aside... I'm in love! With Towels! Weird, you say? Nay, not really. We had to get some new towels the other week, got them at Costco. My goodness! I've never owned such lush, soft, thick towels! They're nice and blue and big! Also got some aubergine colored ones, just as lush. I know I used to say that spending money on something like towels was pointless, but I take it back! I know I didn't really pay that much for them, since I had gotten a Costco cash card and used the money from it to cover most of the expense, but still! Towels are most definately on the list of worth spending money on. *sighs happily* They're so thick that I hardly have room in my cubbords for them, which is a true novelty for us lol. Yay for new towels! Now I want to replace all of the old towels with new ones from Costco (not that I will, but ohh wouldn't it be loverly!).

*sigh* I should finish doing dishes...there's not much left. But I'm pooped and my back's killing me. And I have to get ready for my meeting tonight. A meeting which I have to leave for in about... 20 minutes, yikes! Not sure I'm bring my knitting with me to the meeting tonight, as the chairs aren't the best at church (for me, at least). Ah well, best get hoppin'.
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Bah, didn't get a whole lot done, but at least two things are stricken from my list. Not sure how much I'll do tonight, as I'm very tired (didn't get a lot of sleep again, and what little I got, was poor indeed).
We had the Megan's Pantry party today, but no one showed up, so Theresa, Trina and I just sat around and talked, and ate samples. It was fun, maybe we'll have more luck next time though. I'm shooting for another party in March or something. Not sure yet.
Right now, I'm making a turkey meatloaf. First time I'm making meatloaf by myself, as Dustin's asleep on the couch. Hope it turns out good. I think I remembered all the ingredients at least (Dustin tends to forget at least one thing every time lol). Contemplating getting something else to eat in the meantime though, as I'm overdue for a meal and very hungry. I'm going to try and stay awake until Dustin has to go to work, and then it's bed for me. Kind of wishing I could just take a painPM and conk out for hours, but that's not happening. I do need to get a solid block of sleep here soon though, as it's beginning to affect my mood, which I'm not liking. I will, however, try to make it to church in the morning. I really, really need to get back into the habit of going every week.
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My knit to-do list: (revised)

-gift for [ profile] arianadream
-finish shawl
-finish shawl for Lesa
-make shawl for Bobbi
-make shawl for Kim
-make shawl for Stephanie (colonial)
-make shawl for Frankie
-make shawl for Shelli (waterfall)
-make shawl for display at church
-make shawl/baby blanket for Sue's grandchild to be
-baby clothes for new niece/nephew
-baby blanket for same
-prayer shawl for Bethany
-top for me
-learn to make socks!
-rogue (if I can afford the yarn and can figure out how, that is)

None of this in any particular order, except for 2 of the shawls. They're due this weekend, if I can manage it. I think there's one or two other projects that I've not listed, but I can't remember what they are now. Oh, and of course there'll be plenty of other shawls to add to that list. Always are.
As for other craft to-do's.... I don't seem to have time anymore lol. I still want to make coasters and placemats. Not sure how though, at this point. Mainly because I haven't figured out what it is we want yet. I also have this clock that I really want to re-do, but for that I need to be able to paint (and first take off the old paint and stuff. It's a wooden clock). Of course, I've got a ton of projects I'd like to do. But I don't have the means to do them as of yet.'s 2 projects on the sewing to-do list:
-make bag for knitting
-make bag for church
And if I can find some fabric that I like, and if I can get a hold of a curtain rod that'll work, maybe even some curtains. I'm getting kind of tired of looking at the afghan hanging in my window lol.

I think that about covers it *sigh*. Even without a job, I need more time to do all the stuff I want/need to do lol. Mind you, it hasn't helped that I've done nothing at all for the last week. But I'm able to do a little here and there again, so I should be able to catch up. I hope.


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