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Oh my gosh, I'm dying here...go check this video out *giggles insanely*

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A video (not the direct link, couldn't figure that out since my computer wouldn't load the page) that I think speaks volumes. I know I couldn't have said this better myself. Thank you, Keith Olbermann.
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I think they made their point.....

(turn on the sound, too)

Don't you?
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You've got to be kidding me!! [ profile] seagulleagle just posted this little diddy (punpun) on her LJ..... watch it, see if you don't *points to icon*
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Oh my gosh, check this out!!

Cat Herding
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I just saw this on [ profile] kittypix and thought it worth sharing

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Sorry, too cute to cut ^_~
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[Error: unknown template video]
Even if I can't hear the sound, I think it's cool enough to share with you.
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Saw this on [ profile] seagulleagle's LJ. Go see for yourself, if you have seen everything ^_~
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Everyone, please... enough with the office gossip, really ^_~

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Rock on, birdy... rock on!

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Sooo true!
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Gesundheit! Turn up your speakers and keep watching, it's funny even without understanding Japanese.
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Awwww...go watch video!  Don't forget to put up your sound
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goooood niiiight. Too cute, this one ^_^
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[ profile] drealeigh had this little video in her LJ. Turn up the sound, it's too funny.
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John Travolta's replacement in Grease; don't forget to turn on your sound!

*chuckles* action cats!
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*chuckles* We got the cats a new toy this morning. I caught them on video, so go check them out. Fore warned, the images are dark, but there's nothing I can do about that, sorry.
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Woot! I just made my first video of the cats! We got them a new scratcher for their nails, one of those with catnip in them, and I taped them. No sound or anything, and it's not right side up (I forgot you can just tilt like you can with pictures), but it's there lol. Go check it out here ^_^


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