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*squee* I think I may just have found something for the yarnies among us, that would be cooler to get then flowers! Look at this! Yarn bouquets! How awesome!!!!!
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Hey folks, for those who have some money left after bills this week, and are in want (note, I said want, not need ^_~) of yarn, JoAnn's is having a huge blowout sale online, check it out.
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I got to meet one of the girls from Craftster yesterday. It was nice to put a face with the words. And best of all! She helped me with the sock-problem!!! I was right, the pattern wasn't right, which of course meant that my heel was off. She tinked it back for me, since I couldn't do it without messing it up. It felt so good to finally figure out how to turn the heel. I'm partway through knitting the gusset now, and so far that's going well. Once that's finished, I can try the sock on again and see if it still fits lol. Either way though, I am pleased with how my afternoon was spent.
We met at a coffeeshop and ended up at the LYS down the block. That was my first experience at just sitting down and knitting in a LYS, and having people chat and help and stuff. Oh, and ogle yarn, of course. It was quite funny to hear some of the ladies talk as they were "getting their fix" ^_~.

So yes, you can guess what I'll be doing today ^_~. Yep, you guessed it. I'm knitting! Well, that and a few other things of a crafty nature, since it's two weeks until the craft fair. But knitting, for sure!
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So I just picked up 4 skeins of Manos Del Uruguay at St Vincent dePaul's. It has something on it that looks like either styrophoam or something glittery. Please tell me I did just skore some good yarn, and not some icky bugs or something!
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*squee* I got sock yarn in the mail today, from Shelley. I can't wait to start knitting with it.
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Ok, so maybe this is a bit too geek-y of me. But for some reason, I think it's cool that a knitter as well known as the yarn harlot still uses Knitpicks yarn. I think it speaks pretty well for their yarn that she would use it, anyway. Yeah, I'm weird lol
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*blinks* I've got most of the foot knit at this point. I just tried it on. Only to find it's a bit roomy. I prefer my socks to have a snug fit. Now I'm wondering if I shoudl just continue working on it and deal with them being a bit roomier then I'm used to. Or if I should frog it again and make them a bit smaller. *sigh* I think I'll keep going at this point. I want a sock that's finished, at this point. Maybe I'll end up giving it to someone with a slightly larger foot, if it ends up too big for me once it's all done. I don't know. I just want to finish this sock (and its mate, of course). Bother! At least I've got some more yarn coming my way for another pair. I hope the colorway's to my liking (it's hard to see on the picture I was shown), sothat I can make some for me again.
I told Dustin this morning that if anyone asks what I might want for my birthday, to say gift certificate to LYS or Knitpicks. I want more sock yarn. Not just because I enjoy making them (which I do, frustrations aside), but because right now, sock knitting is way preferable to Prayer Shawl knitting. The shawls just get too warm right now, with the heat we're having. Socks are a lot less bothersome to work with right now ^_~.
Oh well. Back to the sock I go.
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Triumph over teh sock!!!!!! I did it!!! Thanks, [ profile] yarnpirate, for showing me that website last night!!!!!!! *jiggies* I got the toes done and just started on the foot. There's no holes this time or anything, I'm so proud! Now if I can only keep the sock going smoothly this time, and finish with a loose enough cast off, I'll be happy ^_^. I've got some sock yarn coming my way, courtesy of Shelley, so I'm so thrilled to finally have figured that part of the sock out. Next obstacle, the heel! But after the toe, I'm not so worried anymore. *jiggies*
Ok, now I have to scat, because I've got some suede fabric to pick up from a freecycler. She apparently gave it to me because she saw my website. Oops. I think I need to update that thing soon lol. It's not exactly recent, what's on there. But yay! Sock knitting!
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Craft ADD? You tell me. I've got 3 shawls in the works at different stages. I've got a cross stitch to put the finishing touch on. I have another one waiting in the works that I'm wanting to start. So, what do you think I've been doing the last 2 days. Yep, you guessed it (well, maybe you didn't *chuckles*). I've been....crocheting! Someone left me some yarn, not suitable for making shawls and all different colors. They had already started corcheting something with it and they had also left me come crochet hooks. It's been staring me in the face for the past week, and yesterday I just couldn't resist any more. It wanted to become an afghan. So I started one. Actually, it's wanting to become two different ones. One (the one I started on) is blue with rose. The other one'll be yellow, white, lilac and green. I don't think I'll have enough to finish either of them, but it'll get me a good long way, and it just really wanted to be made now. So what's a girl to do? Right, crochet on ^_^. It'll just be simple granny square style, but that's ok. I'm not good enough at crochet to try anything else right now, and it wanted to be granny squares anyway. I'm doing it with a bit of a twist though, a la [ profile] guavmom ^_~. No real pattern, just straight from the head. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a picture of it, to give you an idea. Then again, maybe I'll wait until it's done, I'm not sure yet.

Ok, well, I'd better get back to it. Right after I'm done checking mail and LJ and stuff
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*squee!* Anyone want to come with me???????????????????? (Yes, I nabbed this from [ profile] brightshadowsky's LJ lol) I actually stand a chance at going this year! Though not of attending any classes....but that's ok. It'll be good to just see it all for a change. Maybe next year. *hops up and down in excitement*
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So I just went and stocked up on yarn for Prayer Shawls. Thank goodness I get the money for that refunded lol. I made use of the ballwinder at the store, so now I have a stack of neatly wound centerpull balls. I think I'll take a break from my yellow/green knitting and start a shawl. There's a wedding next week I'd like to have one finished for. Shhh, don't tell ^_~.

Oh, for those in my neck of the woods, Ben Franklin has something called yarn yoga every Friday from 5.30 to 7.30pm, and it's free. There's someone there to help out if you've got problems, and you can just sit and chat with other knitters/crocheters. I think I'm going to try and go here soon, maybe someone there can help me figure out some stuff that's still eluding me. ^_^ Anyone want to join me?
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Ok, so I'm not officially a part of any knitting olympics. But, I do like the idea behind it. I was thinking I wouldn't be able to join, as I didn't have anything to make on a scale big enough to last me 16 days, but I remembered the yarn that Trina had given to me, as well as the yarn that [ profile] rhiannontherose had sent me a while back. Both had given me Ducks colored yarn, though the greens do not match (gah for different color greens lol). I had thought of making her an afghan (her being Trina, as she's a Ducks fan). But I don't really want to deal with a project as big as a blanket right now.
Am I going anywhere with all of this? Why, yes, I am. I decided to try and make a school scarf, Harry Potter style. The first one's going to be a la third and fourth movies. The second one, if I have time, will be old school The first will be made with Trina's yarn, as it's a nice deep, dark green which will fit nicely. The other with [ profile] rhiannontherose, if there's enough, though I may throw in the other yarn for good measure. So yeah, I'll be doing my own knitting olympics lol. I know it'll be red heart yarn, but hey, I got it for free and it'd work well enough. Now, If only I have the right size needles! I have to find the pattern again as well, though I have it somewhere on here.
I've been winding balls all morning and I'm not done yet. Not my favorite job! But, I had to take a break. Once I'm done though, I'm starting (all be it late) on my project ^_^. Wish me luck ^_^
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I'm beginning to think that maybe I should finish the green top afterall. I'm going to be measuring myself (once my period's done with, for better accuracy), to see if I need to frog this one and go a size smaller, or if I can just finish it off as is. Then, providing I have enough yarn leftover to do so, I think I'll go crazy and make a matching little purse, and combine it with the free disco (aka muppet) yarn I got. The colors go well together, I think, and it'd be a good compliment for a bag (I is in my head at least lol). Yeah, that actually sounds like a plan. Not one I can go and work on right now, as my period's not even started yet (but will any time..*sigh*),  but it'll be soon ^_^. And the sweater takes little time to knit, so I'm looking at another FO in the foreseeable future, and something for myself to boot. Yay ^_^.
I really would like to make the shrug that's on the front page of the newest Knit It magazine (sorry, I tried to Google for an image of it, but my Google-foo's not with me, as usual), but I don't have the yarn needed for it, and at the moment yarn isn't high on the priority list. Oh well. Soon...I hope

Am I crazy, by the way, for beginning to want to knit a clapotis? For the longest time, I've not been interested in it in the slightest. But then I saw this one (which, I'll grant, deviades a bit from the pattern) and it just started to me. Sorry, best way to describe it lol. And now I want to make one. Not sure yet as to when or with what, but the itch to knit it is there. I am crazy, aren't I
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I finally finished knitting and putting together the bag I've been working on. Now to felt it. Dustin's going to help me, but I doubt it'll happen today *looks over as he sleep, and sighs*. I can't wait to see how it turns out though.

I got my free skein of Disco yarn in today. I actually like the look of it. It's green and sparkly. A nice, dark green at that. Since it's only one skein, it's going to take some thinking to figure out what to make with it. Anyone have any ideas?????

I'm also working on my sock again. It's nice to see it come together again. Still have a ways to go with it though, not even halfway down the foot yet. But then, I've been busy with other stuff, like yet another prayer shawl. Which I ought to finish up, so I can give it away. I hope to get several things finished this week, so I can get soe space freed (is that the right way of writing that?) up in my yarn drawer. Getting the bag out there will help a lot, that's for sure.
I've decided to wait with finishing my green turtleneck sweater, since I'm losing weight. I have a feeling I may need to undo the whole thing here soon, because I've gone down in size already. Not a bad thing, really ^_~, I won't mind too much. At least not since it's for this reason lol.

I've got a few ideas running through my head as well at the moment. Not that I can do anything with it for the time being. Need to clean house first, create some space and stuff lol. I also need to figure out how to deorate the house for the holidays. I didn't have anything up last year, and I refuse to let that be the case again this year. I may not be getting a tree again, but dangit, Christmas it shall be!
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*sighs* I'm seriously drooling over the Knitpicks yarn at the moment. Damnable money and damnable arm! I don't want to sit idle anymore, damnit! I want to do something, craft, create! Even do housework, which is saying something. *sigh* I'm going stir crazy! Or, as Dustin would say, I'm getting a serious case of cabin fever! Someone help me! *runs around in crazy circles*
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Hey, [ profile] brightshadowsky, quick question for you. The yarn I'm using for my turtleneck says it has a gauge of 22mm = 10cm in stockinette stitch, if knitted on a 3.5-4 needle.  Would that mean that I wouldn't be able to get the same gauge if I were to use this yarn instead for the same item???? Would you have any other suggestion for substitute yarns from Knitpicks? Or even substitute yarn for the tank from Vikings Knit??????????????
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I wore my new sweater today to church and got loads of compliments from people. I feel so proud ^_^ And very pleased, of course. Didn't get any pictures taken though, so that'll have to keep. Even Trina loved how it worked out with the edging. When she showed me how to do it, she had her doubts, but now she loves it. May have to look into seeing if I can find some yarn that'd work for her and make her one as a gift or something. There's always birthdays and Christmas.
Speaking of gifts, Teresa and Earl said that when they've got the money, they'd buy some yarn as a belated birthday present. I'm happy that they're willing to do so, but in all honesty I'll believe it when I see it. No offense to them, but I've been down that road before with her. Oh well, if she does come through this time, it'd be really neat! There's a ton of stuff out there I want to make. Ohhhh the possibilities!
Speaking of possibilities. [ profile] elfie_chan, I know you told me about, but here's another good website for yarn. They even have the Debi Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk yarn, for only $5.99, on sale! Cheapest I've seen it yet.

I've gotten quite far with my bag. I think I'm almost there. I'm running out of the grey wool though, but I'm ok with that. Only need a little bit more, I think. Hey, [ profile] brightshadowsky, do you think it'd work out ok to knit a flap onto the bag before felting????? I'm not worried about it covering the whole thing, because I don't want it to anyway, but I'm more concerned about the blocking of the bag afterwards, and also about the flap getting stuck during felting. Any input? Same goes for the strap, by the way. Decided I want it felted as well, not going for the leather. Am getting a very definate idea of what I want it to look like, but not sure if it can, if you know what I mean lol.
Still need to get together with you online or over the phone about that sweater. Think I will re-read the pattern and see where I left off, maybe I can figure it out for myself now I've put it aside for a few days. I'll let you know, ok?

Yeah, I think that's enough craft babble for now. Can anyone tell I'm excited to be able to wear my own work? ^_^


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