Jan. 29th, 2006

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Apparently, there's a new feature on my church's website. They now have audio of the sermons on there, woot! This is last week's sermon, done by the senior pastor, Barry. Have a listen ^_^
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I'm beginning to think that maybe I should finish the green top afterall. I'm going to be measuring myself (once my period's done with, for better accuracy), to see if I need to frog this one and go a size smaller, or if I can just finish it off as is. Then, providing I have enough yarn leftover to do so, I think I'll go crazy and make a matching little purse, and combine it with the free disco (aka muppet) yarn I got. The colors go well together, I think, and it'd be a good compliment for a bag (I think...it is in my head at least lol). Yeah, that actually sounds like a plan. Not one I can go and work on right now, as my period's not even started yet (but will any time..*sigh*),  but it'll be soon ^_^. And the sweater takes little time to knit, so I'm looking at another FO in the foreseeable future, and something for myself to boot. Yay ^_^.
I really would like to make the shrug that's on the front page of the newest Knit It magazine (sorry, I tried to Google for an image of it, but my Google-foo's not with me, as usual), but I don't have the yarn needed for it, and at the moment yarn isn't high on the priority list. Oh well. Soon...I hope

Am I crazy, by the way, for beginning to want to knit a clapotis? For the longest time, I've not been interested in it in the slightest. But then I saw this one (which, I'll grant, deviades a bit from the pattern) and it just started to...talk to me. Sorry, best way to describe it lol. And now I want to make one. Not sure yet as to when or with what, but the itch to knit it is there. I am crazy, aren't I
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*jiggies* I finished the two shawls I had lying around. They're fringed and have the ends all tucked in. One I gave to my neighbour to pray over, since I made it for her kid sister. The other I put in the closet for now, pending picture taking sometime this week. And I'm knitting on yet another shawl as well, which is about halfway done now. All in all, a pretty productive day.


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