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Birthdate:Jul 31
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Mmm, update! You want to know about me? Question is, do I want you to? Maybe, maybe not. If you can read my LJ, the answer is most likely yes, in which case, what are you doing here instead of reading it?? ^_~

My LJ is mostly F-locked. If you wish to add me to your F-list, feel free to do so, however, don't automatically assume I will add you back (especially if you don't let me know you're adding me in the first place, preferably with a reason why). Should I, at some point after adding you, decide to delete you, don't take it personal. You're welcome to do the same, no drama. It just means I haven't been really reading your LJ, and have no wish to clutter mine up. I totally understand if you do the same. It's ok, really.

Life's change, and there fore odds are, my LJ will change. Both in looks and in use. Bear with me. Well, you have no choice in the matter, really, as this is my LJ after all.

I have a craft LJ as well (crafty_kat) that I invite you to read as well. It's not updated as regularly as this one is, but that's where I keep most of my crafty endeavours hidden these days.

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