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I have been a knitting fiend this last week. I've been working hard on my turtleneck sweater, and I'm almost done with the front. Just stuck on the neck of it, but hopefully I'll be able to get with [ profile] brightshadowsky soon and figure it out.

Aside from that, I've finally put together the sweater I started last year, and Trina's stopping by tonight and hopefully is going to show me how to do the edging, so that'll be finished too.

I finished the prayer shawl I've been working on for ages, and gave it away last Sunday. She loved it.

I started knitting a bag out of the red acrylic yarn that [ profile] needle_ninja gave me ages ago. The body of it is done and I know how I'll do the shoulderstrap. Once that's done, I am going to line it with fabric, so it won't sag and stretch. I learned how to pick up stitches on this one, which is cool.

I've been working on the BBBB I started ages ago and have not gotten very far yet. Not even halfway, but oh well.

Uhm, I think that's it. Still, a very productive week. Hopefully I can finish both sweaters fully this week, so I'll have something new to wear. I've got a ton of ideas for other stuff to make. Among other things, a bag out of the wool that [ profile] brightshadowsky/[ profile] yarnpirate and I recycled. And ohhh have I got ideas for sweaters! I'm starting to get a grasp of patterns now, so watch out! I just can't seem to stop knitting lately. Though I should start up with some of the other crafts I've got going soon.

I will try and post pictures though, once I have a camera available. Until then, I'm afraid you'll have to take me on my word ^_~


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