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For everyone who loves Christian music and lives in the Portland, Oregon area:

City Fest (scroll down to Portland) is a free event, and has some awesome artists like Toby Mack, Mercy Me and Kutless. Luis Palau will be speaking and there's a ton of other stuff going on too. I wish we could go, but our schedules will not allow for it (piffle and fiddlesticks!), but I wanted you to know in case you'd like to attend ^_^

Another link to City Fest
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Oh my gosh, hilarious! Watch, and put up the sound lol

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Christmas Shoes was on the radio again this morning. First time this year I've heard it, and sure enough, it made me cry, again. I went about my routine though, and while out delivering, a guy saw me cry and Dustin told me as I got back in the car, had given him a very dirty look. Almost as if he was blaming Dustin for me crying. Oh dear *chuckles*.  I just did some googling to see if I could get an audible version of the song to share, like with the song I posted about a few days ago, but no luck. What I did find was a lot of reviews, not many of them good. It seems like most people hate this song. And that they don't feel too kindly about people who actually like it. Well, I'm sorry they feel that way. They can go take a hike, as far as I'm concerned ^_~.


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