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*waves* Yep, going to give journaling a shot again. We'll see how it goes, but hey.

Life's... life. Ups and downs, you know how it goes. Hubs is looking for a job again, hopefully the next one happens quickly.

I'm trying to get back into writing again. To that end, I signed up to Rough Trade next month. I'm both very excited and frankly, scared at the prospect. Two week-long segments to write a 9-10k story in respectively SGA and HP fandoms. Oh, and did I mention that it's daily posting, no betaing allowed? Yep, it'll be interesting ;-)

Been crashy and flaring with the weather changing. Today's a "I don't have a brain"-day, so I've been working on mindless knitting. I'm hoping to work through my WIPs and finish stuff.

Have a garden for the first time. It's going okay, I suppose, though some of the things are going yellow. I've had a ton of sugar snap peas, though, which is cool. And the strawberries are spreading like crazy, but not too many berries as of yet.

Eh, that's about all I have in me right now.
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This gives a whole new meaning to the term "frogging", don't you think?

(frogging, for those who do not knit, is a term used by knitters when talking about having to unravel your knitting. It makes a sort of "ribbit" sound sometimes, and that's where the frogging comes from).
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I just got my Ravelry invite!!! *dances* I know what I'll be doing in the very near future! *giggles*

Oh, by the by, I have the same screen name on Ravelry, as I do here on LJ
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Ungh. All I'm up for right now is mindless knitting. Nothing wrong with that. However, I hatehatehate useless, wasted knitting. The last couple of attempts with various yarns to make panta's have not worked out. Why? Because I ran out of yarn. It's hard to know how much I need for each panta, given the difference in yarn types, and it being leftovers and all. So, as far as I know at least, all I can do is knit and hope for the best. Well....the last couple of times, not the best as it turns out. I could've had 4 panta's done. Instead, I have 4 frogponds. Bah. I wish my brain weren't so full of mush at the moment, as there's a few other things I'd like to be able to work on instead. But those all require a lot of paying attention and counting and whatnot. Piffle.
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Man...I just looked through the KAL thread for Clapotis on Craftster...I sooo want to make one now. *sigh* They're sooo pretty. I wish they'd have used a better yarn for it in the Knitty issue though, because the one they show on there doesn't inspire me to make one at all. But the ones I've seen on LJ and Craftster....ouhhh baby!
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So I've been crafting my booty off this last week. I made several neckwarmers for one swap, a dreamcatcher for another, am making pantas both for a swap and for the upcoming craftfair.... Need to make a pair of wristwarmers for a swap, and then there's a whole list of other stuff I need to do still. Oh, I made about a dozen or so stitchmarkers the other day, need to make more though. I also did a little bit of knitting on my socks. And on a Prayer Shawl. Need to make a few of those, too.
*sigh*  No rest for the wicked, huh ^_~. I do have pictures of some of the stuff I've made so far, but I won't be posting them. Yet. I want to get done what needs to get done first, so I don't have to stress too much. Once things settle down a bit, I'll take the time to upload all my photos and show it all off. ^_^
Ok, for now though..naptime! Have to be up in 2 hours, ungh....
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*whistles* Check this shawl out.... and the accompanying price
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I have succombed (I think that's the correct way of putting it). I want to make this blanket. Granted, I'd love for mine to have much the same colors as that one. But it won't. Instead, I'm going to use every single acrylic yarn I have that's single color (somehow I don't think that the multi-colored ones would work so well here. Too busy). I figure this is a good way of using up what I've got (and tomorrow morning I'm getting more of it. Yay Freecycle!), without feeling bad about colors. Because this blanket is supposed to be mis-matched and color-bountiful. How perfect! ^_^ Yeah, I didn't have enough knitting projects on my hands, right? ^_~
Speaking of knitting. I worked on a prayer shawl today, and also took out Treanna's scarf and worked on that for a while. I'm further along with it then I remembered, which is nice. I believe I need a total of...12 or 13 repeats? And I'm already on the 8th or 9th (I forget which), so not too much farther to go. Now, if only my body'd cooperate with me. Stupid shoulder and wrist started acting up a bit again. Blah. So out the Sombra came again, it should be ok though.
But yes, that blanket will be started up here soon. The other beauty of it? I learn a new skill ^_^.
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So I've committed to "angel" for two people now. Quite exciting. I've been working alternatively on Prayer Shawls, and on something for the first person (I only accepted the second one this morning). I can't say what, since I can't risk her chancing on this blog. But so far, I'm liking it. I'll be making a copy of it for myself as well, I think. That is, after I've done the stuff for both people, and another swap.

Ohh, speaking of swaps, if someone has a good idea for an icon that'd be suitable to use for any entries about swapping, that'd be lovely. I don't have any set ideas right now, just that I'd like a special icon for it. Thanks! For now though, my current icon is inspiring me to make a cuppa! Mmm, tea! Chocolate tea, even!

Anyway, back to swapping. I've got a ton of ideas already, and I've only just begun. Not sure what I'll end up doing yet though, aside from what I'm already working on. Since both ladies got flaked on, I want to do a little more then what is required from their swap, normally. But it'll have to be done with whatever I have on hand, of course. That's part of the charm of swapping, in my opinion. As little shopping as possible, since I normally don't even splurge on myself lol.
Ok, I've got tea to make, and a project to finish.
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I got to meet Stephanie tonight! I came bearing beer. If you go to her blog and scroll a bit, you can read about her love for good beer (hey, she's Canadian!), and how, in one place she couldn't get anything but something pretending to be beer. So I went and got her some Ruby Red from McMinnamin's. I hope she likes it. When I gave it to her before she spoke, her eyes lit up "I don't even need to know what this is, it's beer shaped!".
I'm soooooooo glad I went tonight, even if it was "past my bedtime". It was so worth it. She's incredibly funny, and despite what her children apparently keep telling her, very cool. I kinda wish I had more time to spend with her, but I'm happy with what I got. She's a very sweet lady, and oh my God, can that girl knit! And I got to touch the Icarus shawl she just made....drool worthy, simply drool worthy. The color, the pattern, the yarn itself, just drool worthy.
There were a lot of knitters there, not sure how many, but the place was pretty filled. However, I didn't recognize a single soul. Made me a bit sad, but I got over it pretty quick once Stephanie started talking, because I was too busy laughing. To everyone who didn't make it out, you missed out. Totally!
Oh, and I ended up getting one of her books "At Knits End", and she signed it for me. Even spelled my name right, which makes me happy. I could get used to going to things like this. It was a lot of fun! And if her books are anything like her blog and her speaking engagements....count me in! I want to read every one of them!
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*chuckles* I know some of you balk at the thought of Rowling/Harry Potter being heralded for getting kids to read (personally, I think she definately helps, what with DVDs and stuff out there nowadays, but that's my opinion). But you gotta admit, that thanks to Rowling/Harry Potter, people have gotten into knitting. Big time! I just read yet another post on one of the Harry Potter knitting communities I'm on (yeah, I'm in a lot of communities, so what? ^_~), about someone who learned to knit because they wanted a House scarf. If you look back through the archives, you'd find a veritable ton of people who learned to knit, just so they could make themselves a scarf. Many of them have since gotten hooked (pardon the pun, since it's not just knitting, but crochet in some cases as well) on it since. It's kind of cool, really, if you think about it. A few books and a few movies, and knitting is hip and on the charts again. A whole new generation is learning a skill that was previously considered "uncool" (I remember back when I was in school, it was frowned upon. The only girl who was cool for knitting, was someone who made all her own clothes and made them so well, they looked like a designer had thought them up and made them. I mean, she was good! I used to be so jealous of her skills). Not only is it cool, but it's fast becoming a sought after skill (maybe not on a jobmarket, but certainly by various people).
Isn't it interesting how things like that work? What other books/movies/people have inspired such changes as far as skills/crafts go? Anyone? Bueller? (Why do I even use that term? I've never even watched the least, not more then a few minutes of it....)
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[ profile] brightshadowsky, [ profile] brightshadowsky, have you seen this???????? I saw it and thought immideiately of you!

Dangit, I really need to get a "Squee!!!!" icon ^_^
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Would I really need to get hold of a pattern in order to sew up a yoga bag? Mind you, I still don't know if my machine works, or know how to sew, but it's one of the projects I'd like to try and tackle first. You know, to get the hang of it?
I've seen some yoga bags, and they seem pretty simple to me, and I've got a few things I'd like to make sure to have with mine. Please assure me in that it really isn't very hard to just wing? The main thing I'm not sure of would be the lining. But I'm hoping that Trina can help me with that (if she doesn't flake on me..again).

I want to do more knitting as well (when don't I?). But for some reason, my arm's acting up again. It's been doing that from time to time ever since I pulled that muscle a few months ago. Sucks big time, because there's a lot I want to finish. Prayer Shawls among them, of course, but also the scarf for Treanna, so I free up the needles I need to finish my T-shirt finally. I'm not sure I did myself a favor by putting my Shawl yarn in the entertainment center (believe it or not, only place I had for it lol). Because now it's just sitting there, taunting me every day. *sigh* Ahh well.
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Well, since my arm's acting up again, I figured now would be a good time to take a break and actually show off some of the scarves I've been making. Please excuse the messy background.

there be scarves here )
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Blargh... I have finished 3 scarves since finishing the shawls last week. I'm working on a fourth now and my arm decides it's time for a break. Figures. Oh well, enough for tonight I guess, hopefully I can do some more tomorrow. At least I've gone through one whole skein of yarn and half of another one. The scarf I'm working on now will take up an entire skein again, so that'll be nice. Stash busting, gotta love it.
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So, while awaiting to see what to do about the sock, I decided to do some knitting. I started on another bag. This one is, hopefully, going to be on sale at the fair. Provided I ever manage to line it. It's janeplain, but I'm thinking about doing something on the flap, like embroidery...or something. Not sure yet. It'll depend on the kind of fabric I'll use on the lining. Which, of course, I've yet to buy/get hold of.
I wanted to work on something simple, since we were watching movies. Hence no sock, and no work on the bag meant for me. Yet. Maybe I'll get to work on the sock again tomorrow. May even bring it along to my meeting with [ profile] elfie_chan ^_^
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I'm knitting my first sock!!! Woohoo!!! Though I did just manage to pull off the stitches of one entire needle (got them all back on again, thank God!), I've been making good progress ^_^. [ profile] yarnpirate came over and taught me how to make a toe-up sock. It's not difficult at all, really. I'm hoping to have it finished in a few days, provided I can get away with knitting without anything coming up and my arm behaving itself, of course. She explained how to make the heel and I think I understand it, but first I have the foot to knit up, so we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. I'm so psyched! *does a happy dance* Thank you so much, Nikki! *hugs*

God it feels good to b e able to do something again! To watch something being made by my own hands. ^_^
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[ profile] yarnpirate, Have you seen the new knitty???
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*squeels* Yay!! [ profile] brightshadowsky got hold of some sock yarn and dpns for me! I'm finally going to learn how to make socks! *jiggies* She's holding onto it until I get over there and hopefully she'll be able to teach me how to do socks. Thankies Nikki!!!!! *snugs* I'm excited ^_^. I hope I'll be able to "get it" quickly.
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I want to knit, damnit!


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