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I knew there was a reason why I wanted to have shawls on hand! I just got a prayer request for an 11-year old girl who's been fighting cancer most of her life. She's fighting for her life right now and could use all the prayers we can muster. I just talked with the lady who has connections with the girl and she was thrilled that I had a shawl to give her. She should be picking it up some time tonight. I wish I had a more colorful one to give then bordeaux, but alas, that's not the case at the moment. Oh, I'm going to be knitting a lot again I think, so I can have more shawls waiting. It seems to me like there have been many, many prayer requests for cancer and the like lately, and I just can't keep up. I'm pleased that we have more people starting in the ministry, but we still need more, and faster knitters/crocheters!

ETA: I managed to get the shawl to the lady who is taking care of the little girl. She told me she's taken a turn for the worse, and they've asked all family to come and be at the hospital. They're praying for a miracle.
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*snugs* [ profile] elfie_chan. Thanks for coming online today and helping me out with the hat! I'm about halfway done, I think, but my pain PMs just kicked in, so I'm calling it quits for today. Don't want to screw it up. So far, so good though. I am pleased. I'm hoping to finish the hat tomorrow, then I'll weave in all the ends of the various stuff I've been making for Trina, and then picture taking shall ensue *nods firmly*. Once this is done though, that means that in the last month I will have made and finished one Harry Potter type scarf, a couple of fingerless gloves and a hat. Again, I am pleased ^_^. I'm thinking that 2006 has been a highly productive year so far, and it's only the beginning of March!
I still have to finish the shirt I started last year though, but I've allowed myself to get sidetracked by these latest projects, since they're for Trina's birthday, which is later this month. Summer, after all, is a bit further away still ^_~.  In other words, once I'm done with these gifts, I'll be working on the shirt (most likely), and I will also be making another attempt at socks.
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I finally finished knitting and putting together the bag I've been working on. Now to felt it. Dustin's going to help me, but I doubt it'll happen today *looks over as he sleep, and sighs*. I can't wait to see how it turns out though.

I got my free skein of Disco yarn in today. I actually like the look of it. It's green and sparkly. A nice, dark green at that. Since it's only one skein, it's going to take some thinking to figure out what to make with it. Anyone have any ideas?????

I'm also working on my sock again. It's nice to see it come together again. Still have a ways to go with it though, not even halfway down the foot yet. But then, I've been busy with other stuff, like yet another prayer shawl. Which I ought to finish up, so I can give it away. I hope to get several things finished this week, so I can get soe space freed (is that the right way of writing that?) up in my yarn drawer. Getting the bag out there will help a lot, that's for sure.
I've decided to wait with finishing my green turtleneck sweater, since I'm losing weight. I have a feeling I may need to undo the whole thing here soon, because I've gone down in size already. Not a bad thing, really ^_~, I won't mind too much. At least not since it's for this reason lol.

I've got a few ideas running through my head as well at the moment. Not that I can do anything with it for the time being. Need to clean house first, create some space and stuff lol. I also need to figure out how to deorate the house for the holidays. I didn't have anything up last year, and I refuse to let that be the case again this year. I may not be getting a tree again, but dangit, Christmas it shall be!
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Guess what! Janet loves my knitted shirt so much she wants me to make her one too. But! With long sleeves and a longer body! I'll be modifying my first pattern! Weee! She's going to get me the yarn, so I'll have to figure out what to get and how much, but yay! This is exciting ^_^. Just had to share ^_^
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So Trina just showed me how to do the edging on the sweater. Cool. Tried doing it, seems easy enough, but I can't concentrate at the moment, so aside it goes. Will pick it up when my head isn't all foggy. But yay, I can finish it!
Oh, I showed Trina this book of patterns I got, and she may just end up having me make some for her. She said she'd buy the yarn and stuff so I could make them. Not until things settle down for her though, but still. It's cool ^_^
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I have been a knitting fiend this last week. I've been working hard on my turtleneck sweater, and I'm almost done with the front. Just stuck on the neck of it, but hopefully I'll be able to get with [ profile] brightshadowsky soon and figure it out.

Aside from that, I've finally put together the sweater I started last year, and Trina's stopping by tonight and hopefully is going to show me how to do the edging, so that'll be finished too.

I finished the prayer shawl I've been working on for ages, and gave it away last Sunday. She loved it.

I started knitting a bag out of the red acrylic yarn that [ profile] needle_ninja gave me ages ago. The body of it is done and I know how I'll do the shoulderstrap. Once that's done, I am going to line it with fabric, so it won't sag and stretch. I learned how to pick up stitches on this one, which is cool.

I've been working on the BBBB I started ages ago and have not gotten very far yet. Not even halfway, but oh well.

Uhm, I think that's it. Still, a very productive week. Hopefully I can finish both sweaters fully this week, so I'll have something new to wear. I've got a ton of ideas for other stuff to make. Among other things, a bag out of the wool that [ profile] brightshadowsky/[ profile] yarnpirate and I recycled. And ohhh have I got ideas for sweaters! I'm starting to get a grasp of patterns now, so watch out! I just can't seem to stop knitting lately. Though I should start up with some of the other crafts I've got going soon.

I will try and post pictures though, once I have a camera available. Until then, I'm afraid you'll have to take me on my word ^_~
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Ack! I haven't knitted since the weekend! Saturday, I think. I did a little bit this morning, but other then that, nada! And I've got 3 shawls that need finishing. Mind you, I've been keeping myself fairly busy with other stuff and I've been very sore the last few days, but still. Must knit! Especially since I've told myself I am not allowed to continue working on my sweater until at least 2 of them are done, fringe and all. Not that I could work on it right now, even if I did want to have the chance. I need [ profile] brightshadowsky's help before I can do that ^_^. Hence the deadline ^_~

It's kind of weird. I'm really wanting to do some sewing, but for some strange reason, I'm finding myself intimidated by the sewingmachine. Yes, I do believe I can honestly say that I kind of fear the darned thing. And I must say, I don't like that feeling one bit. It doesn't do me much good to ask Dustin for help either, because he's not up for much of anything these days, especially not with his working fulltime (or near) now. Which means I'm on my own in trying to figure that thing out. And I don't even remember how to thread it, or how to put thread on a bobbin. I have a very vague recollection of the latter, but.......*sigh*.
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Well...looks like I've just been "commissioned" to make a baby blanket for Kayden (Bethany's baby). I've got a while to make it, since she's only about halfway through the pregnancy and all, but still. And it's not like I wasn't going to make one anyway. It was a bit funny though. Beth and Danny were over for dinner tonight and one of the first things they ask is if I would please make a blanket with the baby's name in it. And then we got down to specifics. Danny said that he'd seen me knit and stuff and he liked my work and thought I could actually make something that was quality. So I would be the only one he'd ever ask something like that of. His Grandma knits too, but doesn't do very good work, though he'd never tell her that (his words, I swear!) *chuckles*. I feel flattered ^_^
So yeah, another thing on my to do list ^_^

I tried starting on my sleeveless top today, I got as far as casting on the correct amount of stitches, and then I read the pattern again for the next step. Mind you, I'd read the thing several times already at that point. But this time I notice that I'm supposed to cast on on the smaller needles *sigh*. Yes, you guessed it, I had used the larger ones. *headdesk* So I frogged it and put it away. The smaller needles have a potholder on it, so that needs to be finished before I can start. Oh well, I'm getting closer ^_~ At least I now have help, thanks to [ profile] brightshadowsky! I'm probably going to try and finish the potholder tomorrow. I'm in no hurry to finish the shawl Josh requested, though I will have it finished by Sunday, I think (if everything goes the way I want them to, that is).

Yeah, I'm busy lol. But I'm alo loving it! I really appreciate that they asked me to make that though ^_^ Especially how they did it. I don't like it being done in a demanding way, which has been known to happen by other people (no, not related to the PSM, this is family I'm talking about). I'm itching to get started. We agreed that we'd all go and shop for the yarn, so they could pick the exact color. Blue and white leaves a lot of room still ^_~


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