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Ok, I want this book (and the one she wrote before it):

Knitting Heaven and Earth : Healing the Heart with Craft

From the author of the modern classic The Knitting Sutra comes an inspiring and colorful narrative on knitting through one’s darkest hours.

Susan Gordon Lydon’s groundbreaking book The Knitting Sutra offered a new way for knitters to look at their craft—as a healing and meditative endeavor instead of a granny hobby or an indulgent pastime. The first book without knitting patterns to capture the knitting audience, it has been widely imitated, but no other book has endured so well.

With Knitting Heaven and Earth, Lydon again breaks new ground, this time following the emotional ties that become bound up in her handicrafts when a series of wrenching events—a heartbreaking romance, the death of her father, a devastating diagnosis of breast cancer—leave her reeling. Through it all, Lydon finds new reserves of strength in knitting, in the skeins of sumptuous yarn and colorful thread that help her make sense of the trials of the heart.

That's the one thing Dustin still doesn't quite grasp. He keeps saying he wants me to do projects that are for me, because he wants me to have something at the end of it. Well, so do I, but that's not my main reason for knitting. I love to knit, the process of it. It's meditative and helps calm me. For example, this morning I was pissed off at the computer because it was acting up again (this time because of the Firewall I'd installed. And I couldn't figure out how to fix it. So he worked on it, and I went and knitted. Calmed me down nicely. Of course, it being a prayer shawl helped, because I have to focus on praying over the shawl, which leaves little room to mull over things that bother me (yet another reason why I love doing the shawls ^_^).

Heh, on another note. I find it hard to determine what exactly goes on this LJ, and what on [ profile] naelany. Because a lot of it overlaps for me. *shrug* Oh well, I'll do my best and go from there, right ^_^


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